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A Letter to Our Alumni

In the past two years, your Alumni Association and the UNH Foundation have increased their efforts in support of the University of New Hampshire, and we want to thank you for the part you have played in our success. Association membership -- which underwrites publications including this magazine; alumni programs, such as chapters, reunions and Homecoming; and athletic receptions -- has reached new heights, up more than 50 percent in the last two years. The Foundation has also experienced record-level participation. Our $100 million The Next Horizon campaign has already passed the halfway mark, and last fall's appeal for the President's Fund for Excellence exceeded its previous total by nearly 30 percent. This is a clear demonstration of your continuing pride in UNH.

During this new academic year, we will contact you to keep you informed of our progress and to ask you once again for your support. The Alumni Association will be in touch by mail and by telephone to ask for your enrollment in the annual membership drive and for your participation in its affinity programs, including the MBNA credit card and Liberty Mutual insurance plans. They are important because they benefit both you and your university. We will also update you about special travel opportunities and events in your area that keep you connected with fellow alumni.

You will soon receive, if you have not already, a message from President Leitzel describing the many ways your gifts to the President's Fund have enhanced the university. We hope you will be as generous as you can again this year in your support of this important appeal that funds scholarships for our students, expands research horizons, assists our faculty and helps us meet the challenges of changing technology. Later this fall, many of you will receive information about contributing to another winning Wildcat season, and next winter you will hear from your dean about creating new opportunities at the college level.

Your participation and generosity truly make a difference in the quality of programs we can offer to our students, our faculty and our alumni. Thank you for your interest and support.


Ernie Gale
Executive Director
Alumni Association

Young Dawkins III
UNH Foundation

University of New Hampshire Alumni Association
9 Edgewood Road  Durham NH 03824  (603) 862-2040