Forty-four out of the 46 members of the UNH fencing team had never feinted with a foil, stood en garde with an epee or parried with a sabre until they came to UNH. Yet when the team hosted the annual U.S.A. Collegiate Fencing Club National Championships in April, not only did UNH come in fourth out of 23 colleges, but the women's foil team won the national championship --for the second time.

In taking the title, the team of Meredith Bailey '04, Christina Johnson '06 and Kate Dusinberre '06 (left to right, above) won 38 out of their 42 bouts. In foil, a bout is won by the first person to score five touches in an area defined by the lame, a metallic vest-like jacket. In addition, Bill Blumenreich '07 was undefeated in epee in team competition and came in third in the individual event.

Fencing coach Jon Moss says 192 colleges, including UNH, have club fencing teams and only 38 play at the varsity level. As a result, club tournaments have become more competitive. The season runs October through April, and team members practice until 11 p.m. three evenings per week all school year. "They really love it," says Moss. "We go until they throw us out." ~