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Up, Up and Away
UNH kicks off $100 million fund-raising campaign

Thanks to gifts from thousands of alumni and friends, the University of New Hampshire has launched its most ambitious fund-raising effort nearly halfway to its goal.

New Hampshire Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, one of three honorary campaign chairs, officially announced The Next Horizon: The Campaign for the University of New Hampshire at a kickoff celebration at the Whittemore Center on Oct. 2. The campaign will raise $100 million over five years to support students and faculty, enhance programs and build academic resources, including library collections and technology. The university's campaign started with $40,623,000 in gifts and pledges at the time of the kickoff. That total had increased to $45 million by Dec. 31, 1999.

The kickoff brought together campus leaders, distinguished alumni and nationally known experts in the fields of space science, the American family and New England culture. Here are selections from their remarks:

Without a doubt, you can expect that this university will provide national leadership in addressing issues of childcare in the 21st century. You should be proud of that, and it should be accentuated--it's a great strength of this university.
—Hamilton I. McCubbin
Director, Institute for the Study of Resiliency
in Families, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I'm proud to be here today because the university and NASA both have long histories in pioneering--UNH and NASA are great partners in the drive into space. As I speak to you today, the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, one of NASA's great observatories, is overhead. One of its four major components was developed here at UNH.
—Daniel S. Goldin
Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

America has faith in those of us now living in New England--faith that we will safeguard our New England culture, so in that sense all of America can be grateful to the University of New Hampshire for undertaking The Encyclopedia of New England Culture.
—Judson D. Hale Sr.
Editor, Yankee Magazine

As a state senator and now as governor, I saw just how intrinsically linked this university is with the rest of the state. . . . If we are going to compete successfully in the next century, New Hampshire citizens have to be better prepared and better educated than ever before. If we want them to be New Hampshire's leaders tomorrow, we must keep them here today by offering a first-class university education. We have seen this morning what that first-class education looks like.
—The Hon. Jeanne Shaheen
Governor, State of New Hampshire, and Honorary Campaign Co-chair

We know that $100 million is an ambitious goal, but the history of this university is filled with great endeavors boldly undertaken. We are confident we will reach our goal.
—Joan R. Leitzel
President, University of New Hampshire

Today we embark on a journey to the future--a future that every one of us will help to shape. The philosopher Rousseau wrote, "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" and thanks to the kindness of thousands of UNH alumni, friends, family and others, we will, together, reach the next horizon.
—Young P. Dawkins III
President, University of New Hampshire Foundation

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