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'I Love UNH--How Can I Help?'

By Steve Donovan
Executive Director, Alumni Association
Associate Vice President, Advancement

Early in my alumni relations career, I worked with a university president who was often asked what alumni could do for their alma mater. He would reply that the most important thing was to "please speak highly of the university"—often to the surprise of some who anticipated a request for financial support! In my two years at the helm of the UNH Alumni Association, I have met hundreds of alumni who express an appreciation and fondness for UNH and ask the same question—what can we do for UNH? In fact, many say that UNH has never really asked them for anything.

UNH is fortunate that so many alumni care deeply about this special institution, and there are countless ways that UNH graduates (and parents and friends, too) can help. I thought I'd list 10 of them to help answer the question (including that request for financial support). So, in no particular order, here's the list:

1. Stay informed about UNH today via the numerous communications vehicles available to alumni, parents and friends.

2. Share your contact information with us so we can reach you, and you can reach each other.

3. Speak highly of UNH—to prospective students, colleagues, prospective employers, the media and, if you live or work in New Hampshire, your state legislators.

4. Attend an alumni or athletic event on campus or near where you live.

5. Make an annual gift to The UNH Fund to support students and faculty.

6. Volunteer to serve as a speaker in a class or student organization.

7. Join a committee of your local alumni chapter, class or affinity reunion, or the Alumni Association Board.

8. Mentor a student in person via the Pathways mentoring program, or alumni and students online with the Career Mentor Network.

9. Join an advisory board for your college, academic department or student organization.

10. Help a student secure an internship or job.

Active and engaged alumni are critical to the success of this university. I'm thankful that so many of you are willing to help, and hopefully fewer and fewer will say that UNH has never asked! Thank you for all you do for UNH now and in the future. ~

For a list of Ten Things UNH Can Do For You, see

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