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Spring 2012:
Never on Sunday: UNH's fifth president was once the "Pitching Professor." By Mylinda Woodward '97

Winter 2012:
A Season for Skates: Coach Paul Sweet wasn't going to let lack of snow stop the cross-country ski team. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Fall 2011:
A New View: No more giant pine flagpoles, but a new granite wall now graces the Great Lawn. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Spring 2011:
Evergreen: Concern for the environment started early at UNH. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Winter 2011:
His Splendid Present: A Japanese student set an early example of how to study abroad. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Fall 2010:
Enter, Stage Right: Mask and Dagger has been 'breaking a leg' for almost 90 years. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Spring 2010:
Methods Class: Reaching out to farmers with the latest ideas By Mylinda Woodward '97

Winter 2010:
Bottomless Bog?: A Durham kettle hole is the site of an unsolved mystery. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Fall 2009:
Cheering Pioneers: UNH was a trendsetter in cheerleading routines for college football games. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Spring 2009:
Stimulus Plan: UNH's weeklong version of Sadie Hawkins Day was a hit. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Winter 2009:
Robin Hood Would Have Liked This Game: A UNH professor started an arrow golf fad in Durham. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Fall 2008:
Weathering Heights: Blue means snow, or is it rain? For those who could keep it straight, the college's rooftop flag system helped predict the weather. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Spring 2008:
Dear Enforcement Officer: First came cars. Then parking. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Winter 2008:
The Myth of Smith: Legend has it that the oldest dormitory on campus is haunted. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Fall 2007:
'Nako Lives!': UNH's longest-running prank is still shrouded in mystery. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Spring 2007:
First in Courage: Elizabeth Virgil '26 quietly brought integration to UNH. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Winter 2007:
Let It Snow!: The University of No Holidays changed its ways for the Blizzard of '78. By Mylinda Woodward '97

Fall 2006:
Treasure Chests (Students with Baggage). By Mylinda Woodward '97

Spring 2006:
How Rodney Got Respect (The comic and his fan-club). By Mylinda Woodward '97

Winter 2006:
When Durham Fought the Flu (Students in quarantine). By Mylinda Woodward '97

Fall 2005:
Freedom Fighters (When a black boxer is excluded from a match, campus erupts). By Mylinda Woodward '97

Spring 2005:
Happy Just to Dance With You (Durham Reelers). By Mylinda Woodward '97

Winter 2005:
Catch Me If You Can? (They Could and They Did). By Mylinda Woodward '97

Fall 2004:
The Nine Lives of UNH's Wildcat

Spring 2004:
Karl, King of the Quad

Winter 2004:
Dashing Through the Snow (ski-joring)

Fall 2003:
Polecats (the greased-pole climb)

Spring 2003:
Springtime Follies (the annual May Festival)

Winter 2003:
An Incurable Individualist (Dean Charles H. Pettee)

Fall 2002:
Call Me Mayor (The annual mayoralty campaign)

Spring 2002:
No Gift Outright (Ben Thompson was known for his temper, his wealth and his generosity - with string attached.)

Winter 2002:
'Students Just Like Us' (The Student Christian Association sponsors three Japanese-American students during WWII)

Fall 2001:
A Familiar Face (The T-Hall clock)

Spring 2001:
Boogeying on Bonfire Hill (Students gathered at The Notch, and then the MUB)

Winter 2001:
All Aboard! (The train to Durham, now and then)

Fall 2000: Those Rah-Rah Customs (including the poster fight, cane rush, freshman beanie, and Freshmen Rules)

Spring 2000:
Johnny Came Marching Home (WWII vets return to campus)

Winter 2000:
The Way We Were

Fall 1999:
Welcome Mat for Freshmen

Spring 1999:
Models for Their Time

Winter 1999:
Winter's Peak

Coming soon: Fall 1998

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