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Campus Currents
Class of 2001 graduates
Photo by Lisa Nugent

Love What You Do

Members of the largest graduating class in years--2,400--celebrated their accomplishments at UNH's 131st commencement on May 19. President Joan Leitzel welcomed the new alumni, who join more than 100,000 living graduates of UNH. "Some of you, especially the nontraditional and graduate students, have balanced the demands of study, work and family. We are proud of you, and we salute you," Leitzel said.

Jerry Finn, professor of social work and chair of the Faculty Senate, encouraged the Class of 2001 to become advocates for the university. "If you value your experience at UNH, let your neighbors know and let your legislators know."

On behalf of the faculty, Finn said, "We wish you lots of problems. The faculty has put problems in your path for many years ... and all because we wanted you to be happy. Happiness comes from solving problems successfully." Offering a bit of advice, he said, "Love what you do and you'll never work another day in your life."

And don't be afraid to dream, said Gwen Ifill in her commencement address. Ifill, moderator and managing editor of

"Washington Week in Review," told graduates, "My parents taught me how to dream and they taught me how to fight. ... I got into journalism because I thought that at some level, I could change the world."

The Class of 2001 can make a difference, Ifill said. "Get out there and vote. Hold elected officials accountable. Use your skills. Set your expectations high. Be prepared to make a few tough choices and shine your light into a few dark corners."

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