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At the mausoleum of Roman noblewoman and regent Galla Placidia in Ravenna, "it was interesting to see the culmination of Roman art and how it was transitioning into Christian and then medieval art," says Elizabeth Beaudoin '09.

A pigeon inspects sketches lined up for a critique in the Cloister of San Francesco.

The black trash can in the painting by Anna Scalera '00, top, became part of a debate between professors and students on the pros and cons of including real, if unsightly, objects.

Graduate student Matthew Perdoni '07 painted the street scene above. "'The Red Door' was an attempt to capture a moment in Ascoli," he says, "in a very simple, isolated and peaceful section of the city."

PERSPECTIVE: Ascoli Piceno is on a low-lying hill, and the rivers around it create valleys, says Elizabeth Beaudoin '09, whose painting is above. "Lots of times I would paint up against the wall overlooking the river with mountains in the background."

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