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Main features

Spring 2012:

Holy Cow!: There's no telling where students and professors will go for research—and what they'll discover along the way
They Simply Refused to Fail: Schoolchildren in the Dominican Republic needed clean water. UNH engineering students knew how to make it happen.
Animal Magnetism: UNH alumni at the top of the horse racing world share a love of raw speed—and refined horses
Now We're Cooking: UNH interns help show that homemade food is better and cheaper
The Matchmaker: Brent Loy has introduced hundreds of plants to their perfect mates—and the birds and the bees had nothing to do with it.

Winter 2012:

Lifeline: After a devastating accident, a couple supports the group that helped their son cope.
Final Frontier: Larry Mayer and his team of ocean-mapping researchers are unlocking the mysteries hidden by the world's oceans.
Spider Man: For Ed Tillinghast, arachnids are an object of investigation—and affection
The Rebound Team: UNH basketball legend Robin Dixon '83 helps at-risk kids change their game plan—before it's too late.

Fall 2011:

Matching Memories & Dreams: A spring scholarship appeal raises nearly $1 million for UNH's neediest students
Pranks a Million: Inventive students have been playing practical jokes for nearly 150 years
True Grit: Entrepreneurs tackle--and overcome--the odds
The Quest: Are New England sugar maples in trouble? A citizen scientist goes in search of answers.

Spring 2011:

Out Front: UNH's first gay student group paved the way for the rest of the country
Hidden Depths: Fred Bavendam '70 dives all over the world photographing the secrets of the seas.
Launch Pad: Young alumni entrepreneurs follow their dreams
Real New Hampshire: Farmer Steve Taylor '62 is known for his wit, his common sense--and his list

Winter 2011:

Mountain Men: Recruited as soldiers on skis, they were considered gadabouts--and then they fought the Germans.
Humble Hero: Can the oyster really save our rivers and bays?
The Big Picture: For many students, one of the best parts of college is studying abroad
An Uncharted Path: Jacalyn Colburn '82, '96JD knows that on occasion, true justice calls for something else

Fall 2010:

On Call: Nancy Kinner '80G, '83G is the go-to source for oil spill expertise
Letting Go: Quitting dance was the best thing Laura Halzack '03 ever did
The Battle for Books: Capt. Jeremiah Ellis '02 sets out to reopen a school in Afghanistan closed by the Taliban
Stories of Giving: Excerpts from the 2009-'10 Honor Roll of Donors

Spring 2010:

Broadway Bround: UNH theater students learn how to get a foot in the door
Riot Act: In May of 1970 the Chicago Three came to speak at UNH
Be Still My Heart: Decades after a kayaking accident, a survivor struggles to come to terms with the tragedy
Characters All: Gerald M. Carbone '82 is the winner of UNH Magazine's Fiction Contest

Winter 2010:

High Hopes: World-class athletes recruited by UNH's Northeast Passage
Wage Peace, Not War: When it comes to strife, why does history keep repeating itself?
Extreme Volunteering: A reality TV show builds a new house for a needy family
Call to Action: A World War II fitness program ended up in the limelight

Fall 2009:

The New Hampshire Touch: A new tradition for freshmen is born
Flower Power: The Huntingtons run the state's largest horticultural business
Lessons From Loss: Struck by tragedy, a UNH couple seek to pass on what they've learned
Bird's Eye View: The Hubbards have a vision: every worthy student should have access to education
And Then There Were Seven: Five siblings in search of a home find their way to a second chance

Spring 2009:

The Future of Fishing : UNH researchers work on how to keep fish from disappearing from our oceans
Sticker Shock : What is driving the cost of higher education?
Nothing More Surprising : UNH helps Celia Thaxter's historic garden bloom on Appledore Island
Blind Date : Equestrians win big on horses they never met
Dangerous Waters : Could algae blooms in lakes cause neurodegenerative disease?

Winter 2009:

Love Stories : Chance meetings that changed lives
Water World : Smithsonian's new exhibit: "Science on a Sphere"
Beware the Underdogs : UNH football is the story of underdogs and late bloomers
Turning Point : Judge Jimmie Moore '72 turned his life around and is now helping others
Bear Baiting : UNH professors talk about the economy

Fall 2008:

Immersion : Studying in art-steeped Italy, UNH students visit museums, see the mastersNand then paint Roman ruins, graffiti-covered walls and sun-drenched hillsides.
Buried Treasure: What a UNH professor and his students find out about ancient civilizations in Turkey may tell us more about our own
For the Love of Birds: Susan Schubel '84 has spent 20 years helping to bring back rare seabirds.
Seed Money: With a gift of $25 million, Peter T. Paul '67 creates a business-college challenge.

Spring 2008:

A Matter of Common Sense : If we don't take care of the earth, and our culture, who will?
Freedom Fighter : Ed Lyman '88G employs old whaling techniques to release humpbacks from lines and nets.
Hurricane Hunter : While most people are fleeing from a hurricane, Jason Dunion '92 flies toward it.
There For You : For Michele Lovell Loos '90, '06G, good nursing is a matter of life and death.
Turning the Tide : Brazilian reporters ask a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, 'How can we stop the killing?'

Winter 2008:

The Professor Who Fell Out the Window: Alumni remember their favorite professors.
The First Lady of Flying Saucers : Barney and Betty Hill '58 stopped to look at a strange light on a dark New Hampshire road. Their lives were never the same.
Intermission : Time for a break from endless studying? There's no shortage of options at UNH.
Pushing Back : Research gives hope for an end to bullying behavior.

Fall 2007:

Flying Start: The new UNH president charts an ambitious course.
This Stranger, My Son : She gave up her child for adoption when she was 16. Now she would meet him for the first time
Poetic Justice : Charles Simic grew up in war-torn Belgrade, has a passion for sausage, and spins surreal worlds out of words. He's the nation's newest Poet Laureate.
Minds Over Matter: Students apply the principles of "biopotential" in a quest to achieve human potential
Repeat After Me : Uncovering new knowledge about memory.

Spring 2007:

Uncommon Commencement: Two presidents give the Class of 2007 a memorable send-off
Second Act: Why have just one career when you can have two?
Out of the Ballpark: What are top athletes really like? Ask Jackie MacMullan '82
Heart Leaves of Lilac: Professor emeritus Owen Rogers' quest for the perfect lilac

Winter 2007:

On Thin Ice: Arctic glaciers are melting at an accelerating rate
The Unexpected Congresswoman: They said it couldn't be done. Carol Shea-Porter '74, '79G disagreed.
The Green Team: UNH harnesses a new kind of power to the people
All Music, All the Time: The halls are alive with the sounds of music
A Life, Shared: Donald M. Murray, 1924-2006

Fall 2006:

Witness to War: Zach Bazzi '07 agreed to film his tour of duty in Iraq
Extreme Makeover: At 113, T-Hall is feeling its age
Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Aging: Experts and alumni talk about growing older
Grape Ardor: Peter Paul '67 learns the art and science of winemaking

Spring 2006:

Cents and Sensibility: Ben Thompson's story of secrecy, love and outrage
Into the Woods: Forestry still atrracts students driven by an age-old passion
Digital Dimond: Are books passe in the electronic age?
Street Smart: Bill Stewart '73 decided the killing had to stop in Boston
The Funny Pages: Cartoons through the decades from The New Hampshire

Winter 2006:

Volcano Songs: Volcanoes produce low-frequency sound that carries a message
New Kids on the Block: They made it to UNHN will they make it their first year?
The Skinny on Fat: If biology got us into this fix, perhaps brains can get us out
The Lure of Tuckerman: Generations of UNHers have made "Tucks" their own

Fall 2005:

Becoming John Irving: Two professors lead to a happy ending
The Real New England An encyclopedia proves the tourist brochures wrong
Space Rocks!: UNH physicists and students want to know how the universe works
Brave New World: The Shoals meet "The Tempest"
Suite Success: Behind the scenes of the world's big hotels

Spring 2005:

The Not-So-Elusive Modern Moose: They're back. Now what?
Graduating into the Real World, Armed: R.O.T.C. cadets step up
The Best Words: Poetry by alumni and members of the UNH faculty
View Finder: A professor's device may help doctors see inside the lungs.
Planting Hope: Florence Reed '90 seeks to help both farmers and the rain forest

Winter 2005:

Campus Compass: Keep it old, make it new, and do something about parking
The Write Way: Donald Graves started a revolution by watching young children write
Air Heads: UNH scientists are trying to understand the air we breathe
Spreading the Net: Suicide may be this country's most ignored cause of death
Eight Days a Week: Only love could make restaurant owners work so hard

Fall 2004:

Nobody's Diva Opera is fun, says Barbara Bonney '78, '00H. It's golf that's hard
Small Science: To boldly go where no eye has gone before
Gifted: Who would give away their most precious piece of art?
Classroom with a View: Studying New Zealand is like studying another planet.

Spring 2004:

Crustaceans with Attitude: The lowly lobster is suprisingly complex.
Friends for Life: A college roomate's gift.
Connected by Courage: An extraordinary tale of heroism.
Naked Ambition: The Greeks were sports crazy, too.

Winter 2004:

Only in New Hampshire: Politics in N.H.: up close and personal
Phat Food: No mystery meat? This can't be UNH Dining
Standing in Two Worlds: Studying immigrants reveals a complex global network
Kah-ooh-wah!: The Outing Club follows the call of the wild

Fall 2003:

The Many Faces of Mike O'Malley: What TV Viewers don't know about this Hollywood star
The Species Race: UNH scientists race to identify plants
Public Treasures: UNH's Very Special Collections: From Africa to the Shaker Sisters
For the Children's Sake: The challenges of parenting from inside prison's walls

Spring 2003:

Quiet Hero: A researcher embarks on a quest that changes his life.
Missilewoman: Rear Admiral Kate Paige '70 is making the U.S. safe.
Answering the Call: Spend a night with Durham's volunteer ambulance corps.
Still Puzzled: The key to writing crossword puzzles is a zany take on life.

Winter 2003:

Messages from Miah: A UNH professor teaches silent children to communicate.
Club Kids: A look inside some of UNH's 152 student organizations.
How to be Thinner, Happier, Healthier: Ellen Kunes '81 has lots of advice for the contemporary woman.

Fall 2002:

The Route to the Top: A new president maps the university's next ascent
Here Comes the Sun: UNH scientists unravel the solar system's mysteries.
The Bear Essentials: Kilham '74 readies cubs for life in the wild.
Beyond the Next Horizon: Gifts are changing UNH in ways large and small

Spring 2002:

Profile of a President: Joan Leitzel's gift to New Hampshire.
Aboard the Blue Yankee: Bob Towse '63 wins with will, skill and a lucky boat.
The (not quite) Temple of Doom: A trip through the jungle leads to an archaeological find.
Taking Life to the Mat: UNH wrestlers find success far from the limelight.

Winter 2002:

Top Cop: Ron Noble '79 is the man from interpol
Return to Glory: Saving the biggest old house in New England
One Man's Vision: Huddleston's Legacy is the campus we know
Into the Deep: Join Von Damm on a trip to the bottom of the sea

Fall 2001:

What's Your Emotional IQ?: Researchers study a new kind of intelligence
Encounters with a Whale: David Potter '74 works to save right whales
Both Born and Made: What it takes to be an entrepreneur
Courage Under Fire: Prof. Daggett's greatest lesson was his life

Spring 2001:

Fire from the Sky: Excerpts from a memoir by poet Charles Simic
Midsummer Term's Dream: Living and learning in the land of Shakespeare
Water, Water... Nowhere?: Water shortages will only get worse
The Long Road Home: Life is never the same after a brain injury

Winter 2001:

Tomorrow's Forecast: Better weather predictions thanks to UNH research
Safe at home?: Family violence is under scruitiny
Close Quarters: Making a home, away from home
Hearts That Bleed Blue: What makes UNH hockey so special?

Fall 2000:

Hitting the High Notes: Clark Terry passes along the secrets of jazz
Megabyte Matchmakers: Will your hardware get along with mine?
Rings Around Rosie: Services for people with disabilities get UNH's help
Accordion Warrior: UNH's 'Polka Guy' gives the world a big squeeze

Spring 2000:

Islands in Time: A place for study and reflection
A Taste of Italy: Mary Ann Esposito spices up public TV
See Me, Hear Me: A campus begins to embrace diversity
Inventing the e-Coast: UNH grads build their own Silicon Valley

Winter 2000:

Science on Ice: An expedition across Antarctica seeks clues to the Earth's future
Do Not Discard: An uncommon educator helps those least likely to succeed
The Next Big Thing: Forecasts for the new millennum
The Eye Behind the Image: Eighty-six years of photography at UNH

Fall 1999:

The Art of Coaching: Coaches mold teamsN and players.
Running with the Current: Current events bring more than news to the classroom.
Launched into Space: Becoming a UNH rocket scientist makes for an interesting ride.
Building on Success: The Next Horizon campaign plans to take UNH to a new level.

Spring 1999:

Portraits of the Deep: Ocean mapping is unveiling the deepest secrets of the sea
A Pilot's Tale: A writer visits his UNH roommate on the USS Eisenhower
The Body Electric: Struck by lightning, a professor is now a different kind of person
Farming's New Landscape: New Hampshire farmers are combining innovation with tradition

Winter 1999:

A Glorious Space: Dimond Library has suddenly become the place to be.
Caring for Our Children: How well does society nuture its youngest members?
High-Altitude Rescue: A Mt. Washington rescuer who lived to tell the tale.
Making Sense of the Media Circus: When the news becomes the news, the news is in trouble.

Fall 1998:

Life on the Edge: UNH takes the lead in the restoration of our coastal waters and estuaries
Earning Credit in the Underworld: A daring band of UNH students and faculty explore the strange world of Belizean caves
Like a Hurricane: Get caught in the spiral whirlwind of mental energy that is Dennis Meadows

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