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Laura G. Jacques '22

Dr. Laura G. Jacques '22, New Hampshire's state pathologist for many years, died Feb. 1. She was 102.

After attending UNH on a scholarship and earning a B.S. in zoology, Jacques worked as a medical technician and then attended Boston University Medical School, graduating in 1930. She practiced medicine in Tilton, N.H., for seven years, and then became New Hampshire's pathologist, a position she held until 1963.

Jacques was predeceased by her husband, Wilford Dion '23, and 14 brothers and sisters. Her survivors include a great-nephew, Joseph R. Boyle '61; and a great-great-niece, Cynthia Boyle Maimone.

Clayton H. Barnard '35

Clayton H. Barnard '35 died Jan. 5. He was 86.

Barnard received a B.S. in mechanical engineering from UNH in 1935 and joined the Bailey Meter Co. as an engineer-in-training. By retirement in 1972, he had become the company's vice president of international operations. He received a number of patents and was awarded the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' Melville Award in 1951.

For 20 years during and after World War II, Barnard worked closely with the U.S. Navy on the development of the nuclear Navy. In 1973, he received the College of Technology's outstanding achievement award.

Barnard is survived by his wife, Irene; two daughters, Cynthia Barnard and Jayne W. Barnard; a stepson, Lawrence Laronge; a stepdaughter, Susan Laronge; a sister, Priscilla Barnard Bruno '44; a niece and a stepgrandson.

John Fahey '40

John "Lucky Jack" Fahey '40, a longtime IBM employee, died Nov. 4. He was nearly 82.

Fahey earned a B.S. in economics from UNH in 1940 and enlisted in the Navy, serving as a signal officer and a communications officer. After the war, he worked for the late Gen. Omar Bradley in the Veteran's Administration. In 1948, he joined IBM as a salesman, rising to become IBM's director of data processing marketing. He retired in 1982. According to his son, Derek B. Fahey, he gave himself the nickname "Lucky Jack" because he felt blessed with lifelong good fortune. He was predeceased by two wives, Maureen "Sally" Fahey and Marie "Pinky" Fahey.

Flora Kimball Curtis '43

Flora "Flo" Kimball Curtis '43 died on Dec. 9. She was 79.

Curtis earned a B.A. in English from UNH in 1943 and a master's in education from Salem State College in 1968. She taught English and reading at Danvers (Mass.) High School from 1961 to 1981. She was treasurer for the UNH Class of 1943 for 20 years.

In 1982, she moved to Freeport, Maine, where she became a court mediator and later the regional court coordinator.

She is survived by two sons, Richard K. Curtis '67 and Scott Curtis; two daughters, Cynthia P. Curtis '71 and Lynne Curtis Butcher '69; a twin sister, Dorothy Kimball Kraft '43; and six grandchildren, including Sarah Y. Curtis '93.

David F. Long, professor emeritus

David F. Long, 83, UNH professor emeritus of history, died Jan. 14.

Long earned an A.B. degree from Dartmouth College in 1939 and A.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University in 1948 and 1950. In 1948, he joined the history faculty at UNH.

The author of several naval history biographies and books on U.S. foreign policy, Long was a Fulbright scholar in numerous countries, and a visiting professor of history with the Semester at Sea Program. In 1986, he received a Profile of Service Award from the UNH Alumni Association, and in 1993, he received the American Naval Biography Book Award from the Society for Oceanic History for his book Mad Jack: The Biography of Captain John Percival.

Long is survived by his wife, Susan Robinson Long '63, '69G; two sons, Craig R. Long '86 and Roger Long; a daughter, Emily Lilly; and two granddaughters.

Paul Sweet, UNH track and field coach

Paul Sweet, UNH's longtime and beloved track and field coach, died May 4. On March 9, his 100th birthday, he had visited the UNH campus for the new track's groundbreaking ceremony.

Sweet earned a B.S. degree in coaching from the University of Illinois and a master's degree from the University of Southern California. He coached UNH track for 46 years, from 1924 to 1970. During his tenure, UNH track teams won four New England titles and two Yankee Conference championships. He is a member of the UNH Athletic Hall of Fame, and the Field House's indoor track is named after him. "I think it was evident to everyone who came in contact with him that he was an exceptional human being," says UNH athletic director Marty Scarano. "The greatest tribute to anyone would be to make such an enormous change in so many lives like he did."

His wife, Marion McLeod Sweet, died in 1987. Survivors include a daughter, four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. ~

Mr. George E. Gould '26
Miss Alice M. Foss '28
Mrs. Rachel Doe Pugh '28
Dr. John F. Sheehan '28, '30G
Mrs. Mildred Grimes Pigott '29
Mrs. Helen Smith Leahy '30
Mr. Louis G. Clarner '31
Ms. Annette G. Richer '31
Ms. Betty R. Tufts '31
Mrs. Madeline Richardson Lacasse '32
Mr. Elwyn R. Boston '33
Mrs. Henrietta Roe Eshleman '33G
Mr. Herman H. Hart '33, '35G
Mrs. Luceba Sherman Heidenblad '33
Mr. Leonard D. Rowell '33
Mr. Ralph S. Forbes '34
Mr. Richard P. French '34G
Dr. Frank J. Kropp '34
Mrs. Phebe Graham Walker '34
Mr. Raymon C. Willard '34
Mr. Francis E. Carey '35
Mrs. Elizabeth Gilmore Keating '35
Mrs. Martha Burns Lyon '35
Ms. Charlotte M. Taylor '35
Mr. Lawrence W. Knight Jr. '36
Mr. Benjamin J. Wheeler '36
Mr. Oliver P. Wallace Sr. '37
Mrs. Alice Perkins Hilburger '38
Mr. George L. Ingham '38
Mr. Harold L. Lane '38
Miss Verna E. Moulton '38, '40G
Mr. Warren E. Waters '38
Ms. Catherine C. Ahearn '39
Col. Roger S. Bruford '39
Mrs. Helen Hepler Clapp '39
Ms. Muriel Chase Foster '39
Mr. John C. Nutter '39
Mr. Wiley J. Pickett '39
Mr. Lewis P. Bissell '40
Mr. Nelson S. Carpenter '40
Col. Donald H. Egan, Ret. '40
Mrs. Louise Lane Clancy '41
Ms. Marjorie E. Goodwin '41, '46G
Mr. J. V. Lyon '41
Mr. Dwight W. Pratt '41
Mr. Earl N. Woodbury '41
Mr. Leo T. Gove '42
Mr. Ernest R. Poor '42
Mr. Robert H. Russell '42
Mr. George W. Thurston Jr. '42
Mrs. Louise Griffin Feldmann '43
Mr. Roger M. Grover '43G
Mr. Bragdon M. Hanson '43
Mr. Austin E. Hardy '43
Mr. Joseph B. Levy '43
Dr. David A. Sleeper '43
Mr. Bleakney Benedict '44
Dr. William L. Hartop '44, '47G
Mr. Fred A. Hoyt '44
Mrs. Dorothy Trow MacDonald '44
Mr. Ray E. Pomeroy Jr. '44
Mrs. Kathryn Pearce Arnold '45
Mr. Robert C. Cummings '45
Dr. James M. Day '45
Mrs. Janet Selig Douglas '45
Mrs. Ruth Clendenin Repko '45
Mrs. Mary Mazzolini Cummings '46
Ms. Phyllis D. Drolet '46
Mrs. Natalie Brooks Rau '46
Mr. Frederick B. Staff '46
Mr. Herbert J. Gorfinkle '47
Mr. Malcolm W. Meserve '47
Mrs. Jeanne Frazer Stoffer '47
Mrs. Enid Parker Fiatte '48
Mr. Maurice J. Girard '48
Maj. Carman H. Hefflon '48
Mrs. Harriett Seeley Hubbell '48
Mrs. Marion Deveneau Stevens '48
Mr. Charles M. Thing '48
Mr. Hugh E. Bemis '49
Mr. Harold R. Bissett '49
Mr. James K. Horne '49, '51G
Rev. Quentin W. Huntley '49
Mr. Frederick J. Witzel '49
Mrs. Jean Moore Bishop '50
Mr. Raymond E. Converse Jr. '50
Mr. Oscar O. Cote '50
Mr. Robert D. Guy '50
Rev. Richard S. Hasty '50
Mr. Euclide J. Laporte Jr. '50
Mrs. Nancy Amey Ouellette '50
Mr. Nathan M. Silverman '50
Mr. Archie Williamson Jr. '50
Mr. Robert P. Brown '51
Mr. Donald B. Graf '51
Mr. Earle B. Grant '51
Mr. Paul F. Shea '51
Mr. Valerian J. Lavernoich '52
Mrs. Harriet Kaplan Winthrop '52
Mrs. Joyce Spinney Canning '53
Dr. Carl M. Gahan Jr. '53
Mrs. Carolyn Whitten Benson '54
Mr. Theodore W. Fecteau '54
Mrs. Janet Towle Jackson '54
Dr. Ralph C. Little '54, '56G
Mr. Norman W. Pauling Jr. '54
Col. Robert A. Sager '54
Mr. Richard S. Guyette '55
Mr. Leonard W. Philbrick '55
Mr. Gordon F. Keenan '57
Mr. Waldo A. Fraser Jr. '58
Mr. Simon M. Healy Jr. '59
Mr. Edward J. O'Connell '59
Mr. Allen J. Gersky '60
Mr. Harrison E. Tenney Jr. '60
Mr. Paul B. Kilmister '61G
Mr. Norman C. Marsh '61
Mr. Halford P. McLane '61
Mr. Richard E. Colley '64
Ms. Caroline Q. DeForest '64
Dr. Aubrey S. Thomas Jr. '64G, '67G
Mr. Peter S. Juranty Jr. '65
Mrs. Merrily Pfeiffer Page '65
Mr. Charles E. Smith '65
Mr. George H. Bucken '66
Mr. Ward J. Killion '66
Ms. Susan Smith Silva '67
Mr. Albert W. Mackie Jr. '68G
Mr. Peter D. Steer '69
Mr. Allen S. Guyer '72
Mr. George W. Atherton '73
Mr. David C. Horovitz '73
Mrs. Nancy Donadt White '74
Ms. Ruth R. Zellers '74G
Mrs. Elsie Mongan Daly '76
Mr. Daniel B. Kern '76
Dr. Patricia Hughes Comer '77
Mrs. Pamelia Ricker Oldman '78
Ms. Janet E. Larson '81, '92G
Mr. Ian R. Gordon '83
Ms. Lucille B. Anderson '84G
Mr. Robert D. Bennett '86
Mr. James R. Garvey Jr. '89
Ms. Odisea Robinson-Rah '96G

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