An Uncommon Commencement
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It was a theme put forth by both presidents, once political rivals, who together have raised more than $1 billion in relief for natural disaster victims. Clinton noted the power of the African concept of ubuntu, or "I am because you are." It means, he said, "We do not exist alone; therefore for us to ignore one another's problems is a travesty."

He also noted the practice among people in the central African highlands who, when greeted, respond, simply, "I see you." "All problems can be solved if we just see each other," he said. "There is nothing beyond the reach of our common endeavor. All we have to do is remember it is our common endeavor."

Members of the Class of 2007 cheer, take photos and celebrate their new alumni status.

Bush also urged graduates to make a difference, noting the "selfish pleasure" that he takes in working with Clinton, "transcending politics" to help others. "You don't have to be a president to be a leader and to touch the lives of your fellow countrymen," he said. "All you have to do is care and roll up your sleeves and claim some of society's problems as your own."

Civil engineering majors Nicole Guyette '07 (hidden by the camera) and Christie Urban '07, right, wear pink helmets to celebrate their degree.

Both Bush and Clinton kept their remarks brief and peppered with humor. Bush, for instance, advised, "Don't expect the advice from your parents to stop after you leave college or even if you become president of the United States." He got a call from his mother when he was vice president, he explained, reprimanding him for talking to House Speaker Tip O'Neil while President Reagan was giving a State of the Union address.

The closest either came to making a political comment was when Clinton, addressing UNH President Newman, called her "Madame President" and added, "That has a nice ring to it." He waited for the laugh, and then added, "I've decided women should run everything so George and I can spend more time playing golf."

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