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Lexicon, 2012
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Joggler: Someone who juggles while jogging. In April, Tom Gounley '12, a journalism and environmental conservation studies major, ran the Boston Marathon while juggling three balls. "When I joggled in [an earlier] marathon," Gounley told a joggling blog in March, "a cop in a patrol car stopped to tell me how impressed she was. Normally, cops stop you. When joggling, you stop cops."

Internet Meme: A picture or video that circulates and evolves virally online. Such as the photo of English major Griffin Kiritsy '12, taken in 2007 for a Reader's Digest story and captioned "College Freshman." It went viral last summer when it was posted on, where it was recaptioned thousands of times. Examples: "Arrives to class late; brings note from his mom." "Learns professor doesn't take attendance. Fails." "Professor emails class. Reply to all."

Tom Gounley '12
Perry Smith/UNH Photographic Services
Tom Gounley '12

Twitter Doppelganger: A fake Twitter account satirizing a public figure. For the past year, @PrezHuddleston was the Twitter handle for a student who tweeted as "Fake Mark Huddleston." The student drew nearly 3,000 followers and national publicity with tweets such as, "If you really want #UNH to be a top party school again, you probably shouldn't all go home for Easter," and "Saturday's commencement will be the largest gathering of future baristas in history." The real President Huddleston (@markhuddleson) took it all with a sense of humor: On May 18, when Tom Gounley '12 (see Joggler, above) revealed himself to be the impersonator behind the fake Twitter account, the real president tweeted "Adios, Tom. It's been real ... Well, sort of."
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