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"It was almost as if he had heard me shuffling around in the dark and handed me a flashlight."
—Gregory White, in an essay in the Washington Post. While in prison, White read Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail by W. Jeffrey Bolster, associate professor of history, and resolved to go to sea after he was released. In 2007, Bolster helped White secure his first job on a ship. White has since become a documented U.S. Merchant Marine.

"I've been blessed by popes, cardinals, bishops and priests. Shook hands with Mother Teresa; watched Nelson Mandela speak in support of Interpol; spoke German with then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a one-on-one meeting; met every U.S. president since Jimmy Carter except one... In 1979, when I was sitting where you are, I had no idea of what life had in store for me."
—Ron Noble '79, Secretary General of Interpol, speaking at UNH's 2012 Commencement ceremony.

(Read Ron Noble's commencement address)

"Most nutrition majors think about the food and not the system that's producing food. I did not want to simply navigate through what I call a broken food supply."
—Sarah Jacobson '12, quoted in a New York Times article, "Truly Food for Thought." Her dual major in EcoGastronomy combined her interests in nutrition and sustainable food systems.

"That's real tough. Not many people would do that."
—UNH men's hockey coach Dick Umile '72, in a Union Leader story, on incoming freshman Jamie Hill of Glassboro, N.J., who was hit in the mouth with a puck in the second period of a U.S. Hockey League playoff game, losing 10 teeth and requiring 32 stitches. Hill returned to play in the third period.

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