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Spring 2012: The MUB at 55 by Perry Smith

Winter 2012: Not Even Close to Kansas by Perry Smith

Fall 2011: All Fired Up by Mike Ross

Spring 2011: Art Students by Lisa Nugent

Winter 2011: Tunnel Vision by Mike Ross

Fall 2010: In Fine Feline Fettle by Lisa Nugent

Spring 2010: Newly Green by Lisa Nugent

Winter 2010: Ladies First by Erin Gleason

Fall 2009: Joy Riders by Lisa Nugent

Spring 2009: Cat in the Hat by Mike Ross

Winter 2009: Putnam at Night by Lisa Nugent

Fall 2008: Hog Island, Maine by Lisa Nugent (a gold medal winner)

Spring 2008: Oh, Carmen! by Lisa Nugent

Winter 2008: Winter Fun by Lisa Nugent

Fall 2007: New View by Lisa Nugent

Spring 2007: Kingsbury Reborn by Lisa Nugent

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