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Welcome, Mr. President

President George W. Bush celebrated the passage of a federal education reform bill at the University of New Hampshire on Jan. 8 during a 12-hour, 1,600-mile swing through the states of lawmakers who had sponsored the bill. Introduced by bill sponsor Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), the president told a cheering crowd that his mission is to make sure every child receives a first-class education. "The true hope for the country is to make sure everybody gets a good education," he said.

Bush bantered easily with the crowd of 3,500 people who sat shoulder to shoulder in Lundholm Gymnasium. Behind him, an oblong slate, like a giant version of a child's slate from the early 1900s, hung on the wall. On it was chalked Bush's mantra: No Child Left Behind.

Bush flew into Pease on Air Force One and traveled to Durham by motorcade, then left for his next stop in Boston by helicopter. Security was tight, far more so than on any previous presidential visit.

Those who attended the speech in Lundholm had to pass through metal detectors and turn in personal items like pens, wallets and cell phones for an examination by hand.

Bush's advance team and Secret Service agents began meeting with campus officials on Jan. 2. More than 70 police officers, 150 UNH employees and 150 Secret Service agents worked together on the day of the event.

George Bush, Darren Haydar and Brandi Kerns.
UNH hockey players Brandi Kerns '02 and Darren Haydar '02 present jersey number 43 to the 43rd president, George W. Bush, during Bush's visit to campus in January.

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