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Janet Sable , chair and associate professor in the Department of Recreation Management and Policy, and colleague Jill Gravink '86, founder and director of Northeast Passage and assistant professor of recreation management and policy, were awarded a three-year, $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration. This funding will enable Northeast Passage to continue to increase access to recreation for people with disabilities.

Thomas Kocher , professor of zoology, has been named co-director of the new UNH Hubbard Center for Genome Studies. He is the Hortense Cavis Shepherd Professor of Zoology and Genetics at UNH. He shares responsibilities with new faculty member Kelley Thomas. Thomas was named to the new Hubbard Endowed Chair in the Biological Sciences in October. He was formerly an associate professor of molecular biology and biochemistry at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Oliver J. Hubbard '21, Austin I. Hubbard '25 and Leslie S. Hubbard '27 established the chair to provide faculty and research support for the professor chosen as chair and to advance education and research in biotechnology and biochemistry.

Peter Paul

Susan Franzosa, professor of education, is the recipient of the American Education Studies Association Critic's Choice Award for Ordinary Lessons: Girlhoods of the 1950s. This book, developed from a memoir writing project, details the lives of 12 women who grew up in the 1950s. "Instead of finding that their lives were ordinary, the writers found that each life was extraordinary in its own way," says Franzosa, who had also received this national award for an earlier work, Civic Education: Its Limits and Conditions.

Todd Eisenstadt , UNH assistant professor of political science, was recently awarded a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to continue his research on the democratization of Mexico. Eisenstadt is an expert on Mexican affairs and U.S.-Mexico relations and director of the three-year USAID-UNH Mexico Elections Project .

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