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Come Together: A New Take on Reunion

"I'd organize a reunion at Loon Mountain on Valentine's Day or at a luau in Hawaii," says Polly Daniels '64, director of on-campus activities for the UNH Alumni Association, "just to get people together and to stay connected." Of course, UNH will hold its 50th and other traditional class reunions on campus in June, but it isn't necessary to wait for those anniversaries to reconnect with old friends, she says.

Constituent reunions--gatherings of classmates from organizations, dormitories, teams or other campus groups--are a versatile and increasingly popular way to reunite UNH friends from one or more graduating classes in any season or year.

"UNH grew dramatically in the 1960s, and people who graduated after that time tend to feel more connected to their team or organization, be it The New Hampshire or the Notables," Daniels says. "The Alumni Association is committed to helping such groups organize their own reunions."

During Homecoming 2001, alumni of the swim, basketball and crew teams; mechanical engineering department; Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and Phi Mu sorority; and student government all held reunions. "There were about 100 people and a class range of 1978 to 2004," says Mike Proulx '95, the past Student Activity Fee Council chair who helped organize the Student Senate reunion. "I still have such strong memories and connections from the senate," says Becky Hessler Fleming '92, former Academic Affairs Council chair. "This was truly a great event."

Reunion Weekend, June 7-9, will see a mix of class and constituent reunions. Graduate and undergraduate majors from the Whittemore School of Business and Economics, 1963-2001, will reunite. Smith Hall alumni will also be on campus enjoying "a weekend filled with international food, music, dance and Smith Hall traditions," says Betsy Blaisdell '99, event organizer. Six classes, '32, '37, '42, '52, '62, and '77, will also hold reunions; the Class of '52 will celebrate its 50th with a tea at President Joan Leitzel's house. All alumni are invited to play in the golf tournament Friday morning, swing with Ben Baldwin & the Big Note at the New England Center Friday night or join the parade of classes on Saturday. With an extensive program of guest speakers, seminars and social events, the June weekend will provide numerous opportunities to gather with classmates and friends from other classes.

Map Alumni interested in planning a constituent reunion on or off-campus during Reunion Weekend or Homecoming Weekend or any other time, should contact Polly Daniels, director of alumni activities, by phone (603) 862-2040 or e-mail polly.daniels@unh.edu.
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