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The Rev. Carolyn P. Welch '36
Michael J. Dagostino '37
Roger P. Sloan '42
Flora Kimball Curtis '43
Col. Solon Mamalis (Ret.) '43
Jean Moulton Caldwell '84G
Helmut M. Haendler

The Rev. Carolyn P. Welch '36

The Rev. Carolyn P. Welch '36 died April 4. She was 85.

Welch received a B.S. degree in secondary education from UNH in 1936, and a degree from Hartford Theological Seminary. She was ordained as a minister in the United Church of Christ in 1944. She served churches in New England, Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio. After retiring in the mid-'80s, Welch earned a master's degree in humanities with an emphasis on Russian studies and religion from Wright State University. She believed strongly in human and civil rights, and she accompanied the Friendship Force Committee on its first trip to Bosnia in the mid-'90s.

She is survived by a foster son, William "Pete" Lay; a foster grandson and two foster great-grandchildren.

Michael J. Dagostino '37

Michael J. Dagostino '37 died June 4 at the age of 84.

Dagostino graduated from UNH in 1937 with an associate's degree in horticulture. A veteran of the Navy, he served as honorary base commander at the former Pease Air Force Base. He was treasurer for Exeter Rose Farms, a firm founded by his father in 1939, and head of personnel at Rockingham Park in Salem, N.H., for more than 50 years. He also served as police commissioner for the Dover and Exeter, N.H., police departments, and was a board member for a number of organizations. Active in the Republican Party, Dagostino was a close personal friend of many prominent politicians.

He is survived by three brothers, Tony, Benny and Frank Dagostino; a sister, Louise Dagostino; and many nieces and nephews.

Roger P. Sloan '42

Roger P. Sloan '42 died May 2. He was 81.

Sloan received a bachelor's degree in forestry from UNH in 1942. During World War II, he served with the Army Air Corps. Later, he earned a master's degree in public administration from Harvard.

An associate professor at UNH, Sloan was employed with the UNH Extension Service from 1946 to 1983, initially as a county forester and later as the state extension forester. He served on a number of boards, and enjoyed beekeeping, gardening and managing his woodlots. His greatest joy was his grandchildren.

One son, Bruce, died in 1985. He is survived by his wife, Doris; a son, Douglas P. Sloan '76; a grandson and a granddaughter.

Flora Kimball Curtis '43

Flora "Flo" Kimball Curtis '43 died on Dec. 9. She was 79.

Curtis earned a B.A. in English from UNH in 1943 and a master's in education from Salem State College in 1968. She taught English and reading at Danvers (Mass.) High School from 1961 to 1981. She was treasurer for the UNH Class of 1943 for 20 years.

In 1982, she moved to Freeport, Maine, where she became a court mediator and later the regional court coordinator.

She is survived by two sons, Richard K. Curtis '67 and Scott Curtis; two daughters, Cynthia P. Curtis '71 and Lynne Curtis Butcher '69; a twin sister, Dorothy Kimball Kraft '43; and six grandchildren, including Sarah Y. Curtis '93.

Col. Solon Mamalis (Ret.) '43

Solon Mamalis '43 died April 5 at the age of 79.

Mamalis graduated from UNH in 1943 and earned postgraduate degrees from Princeton University. During World War II, he was a fighter pilot with the 313th Fighter Squadron and a bomber pilot with the Strategic Air Command's 8th Air Force. He served in five foreign countries, and was responsible for the initial training of the Greek Air Force and for forming the first jet fighter squadron in the region.

After the war, he continued as an officer in the Air Force, serving with NATO and as a military attache in Lebanon. He retired as a colonel.

He is survived by a son, Timothy Mamalis; two daughters, Tanya Bakogiannis and Alicia Moncure; two sisters, Niki Thomas and Sophie Boches; five grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and nieces and nephews.

Jean Moulton Caldwell '84G

Jean Moulton Caldwell '84G died on April 16 at the age of 69.

Caldwell earned a B.A. degree in comparative religions in 1953 from Barnard College. She met her husband, Dr. S. Anthony Caldwell, while they were members of Columbia University's Chapel Choir, and she was active in choirs her entire life. For 23 years she and her husband lived in Madbury, N.H., while he earned his Ph.D. and taught at UNH. The granddaughter of one of the Star Island hotel's founders at the Isles of Shoals, Caldwell attended many conferences there, and as a former hotel employee, was active in Pelican alumni reunions.

After her husband died in 1977, Caldwell earned a master's degree in English from UNH and moved to Portland, Maine, where she taught English at the University of Southern Maine for 17 years, specializing in contemporary Irish literature.

She is survived by three sons, Stephen, David and Christopher '83 Caldwell; and two grandchildren.

Helmut M. Haendler, professor emeritus

Helmut M. Haendler, a longtime professor of chemistry at UNH, died April 16. He was 87.

Haendler received a B.S. degree in chemistry from Northeastern University in 1935 and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Washington in 1940, where he taught until 1942. During World War II, he was a research chemist and supervisor on the Manhattan Project. He joined UNH after the war and retired in 1978. During his career, he wrote 97 research papers, and continued to publish until age 82. In 1984, an anonymous former student established the Helmut M. Haendler Award in Organic Chemistry.

He was a member of numerous scientific organizations, and a fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, where he lectured in fluent German. A lifelong musician, he sang bass with choral societies and played clarinet with the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra. A craftsman, he worked with wood, enamels and jewelry and made handcrafted model trains. Although reserved, he enjoyed an annual sled ride on a neighbor's hill until he was 84. He is survived by a daughter, Blanca Haendler; a son, Steven Haendler; and three grandchildren. ~

Mrs. Priscilla Williams Johnson '24
Mr. Emerson W. Brown '25
Mr. Wendell V. Davis '26
Mrs. Theda Learned Bryant '27
Mr. Charles A. Benning '29
Mrs. Kora Harris Farmer '29
Mrs. Sadye Freaman Schwartz '31
Mrs. Dorothy Brennan Blair '32
Ms. Ruth F. Sullivan '32
Mr. Harvey G. Roberge '33
Mr. Frank E. Szczebak '33
Mrs. Miriam Myllymaki Kimble '34
Lt. Col. Earle C. Mellett, Ret. '35
Mrs. Dorothy Greenaway Nason '35
Mrs. Genella Barton Brown '37
Mrs. Margaret Quinn Lampron '37
Mrs. Marguerita Crawford Arthur '39
Miss Marion Bennett '39
Mr. Raymond B. Patten '39
Mr. Lloyd W. Quimby '39
Dr. Eugene H. Wozmak '39
Mr. David C. Hadley '40
Mrs. Kazmiera Sopel Pokigo '40
Mr. K. Donald Woodbury '40
Mrs. Hope Carter Ayers '41
Ms. Margaret M. Putney '41
Mr. Martin R. Souders '41
Ms. Leona Dumont Desrosiers '42
Mr. Arthur W. O'Connell Jr. '42
Mrs. Helen Pomeroy Witty '42
Mr. Wallace G. Ackerman '43
Mrs. Jeannette Toohill Bell '43
Mr. Edwin A. Wiggin Jr. '43
Mr. Robert W. Batchelder '44
Mrs. Olga Yeaton Colocousis '44
Mr. Robert W. Guild '44
Mrs. Marcia Robinson Llewellyn '44
Mr. Thomas J. Manning Jr. '44
Mrs. Marlene Goldfield Shear '44
Mrs. Marian Howard Edgerly '45
Mr. Warren C. Foin '45
Mr. Otis A. Goodrich '45
Dr. Clarence J. Murphy Jr. '45
Mr. Albert A. Quinn '45
Mr. Jonathan Sawyer III '45
Mrs. Eloise Braun King '46
Mr. Kirk L. Benson '48
Capt. Harold G. Crossman Jr. '48
Mr. Peter V. Gureckis '48
Mrs. Ruth Lerner Stein '48
Mr. Arnold A. Gordon '49
Dr. Fred R. Mayrand '49
Mr. Ralph E. McGinnis '49
Mr. John E. Bean Jr. '50
Dr. Kenneth L. Fish '50, '51G
Mr. John H. Grady '50
Dr. Andrew N. Weston '50
Mr. Robert N. Gourley '51, '61G
Lt. Col. Michael J. Bardis, Ret. '52
Mr. Walter E. Schult '52, '54G
Mr. Frederick F. Atwood '53
Mr. Hans Detloff '53
Mr. Robert B. Winn '53
Mr. Donald A. Beaupre '58
Dr. Paul S. Schnare '60, '61G
Mrs. Mary Barsam Schneer '61
Mr. Steven D. Zottos '61
Ms. Linda L. Purdy '62
Mr. George H. Filleul Jr. '63
Mr. Harry S. Hawkes '63G
Mr. Neal A. Wiggin '65G
Ms. Joanne B. Harriman '67G
Mrs. Stella Smith Cilley '68
Ms. Sharon A. Cushing '69
Mr. Robert F. Langford '69, '77G
Mr. John W. Hosmer Jr. '70G
Mr. Nelson O. Carter '74
Mr. Robert J. Pitman '74
Mr. Paul F. Blackadar '75G
Mr. Howard R. Brigulio '75
Mr. Wayne H. Huff '77
Mr. Ronald J. Christie '85
Mr. Daniel K. Smith '85
Mr. Christopher L. Wolski '00
Mr. Ethan W. Haller '01
Mrs. Annette Diaz '02

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