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In Memoriam

Mrs. Helen Lowenberger Levee '27
Mrs. Muriel Swasey Littlefield '28
Mr. Lucien O. Geoffrion '31
Mrs. T. Frances Hannigan Savage '32
Ms. Eunice G. True '32
Mrs. Harriet Carpenter Varney '32
Dr. Almon R. Cross '34
Mrs. Nathalie Smith Hadley '34
Mrs. Ruth Lenahan Kask '34
Mrs. Carolyn Smith Mailman '34
Ms. Margaret Rossell McLane '34
Mr. Carl H. Purrington '34
Mrs. Shirley Baldwin Corning '35, '36G
Mrs. Flora Dimond Farnham '35
Mr. Carl A. Hansen '35
Mr. Donald R. MacArthur '35
Mr. William A. Rugg Jr. '35
Mrs. Edith Raymond Cassidy '36
Mr. Edwin D. Gritz '36
Mrs. Haruko Kawasaki Iwanaga '36
Mrs. Mary Mulligan White '36
Mr. George H. Meeker '37
Mr. Bernard D. Rosen '37, '38G
Ms. Eloise R. Godfrey '38G
Mr. John F. Goodwin '38
Capt. Richard D. Gruber '38
Mrs. Dorothy West Killoran '38
Mr. Donald J. Mendelson '38
Ms. Clara E. Morse '38
Mr. George Stenzel '38
Mr. William C. Kafkas '39
Mr. Gardner R. Small '39
Mr. Robert P. Tilton '39
Mr. Vahan Ananikian '40
Mr. John T. Fabello '40G
Mr. James M. Garvey '40
Mr. Solomon Leavitt '40
Mrs. Virginia Parker Manger '40
Ms. Eva E. Rangazas '40
Mrs. Meda Stone Sauer '40
Mr. Robert R. Taylor '40
Mr. Stewart D. Thompson '40
Mrs. Rachel Lovejoy Cook '41
Dr. Warren H. Jones '41
Mrs. Sara Shaw LaPlante '41
Mr. Richard R. Norris '41
Mrs. Susan Stoddard Sforza '41
Mr. Jack H. Sheinuk '41
Mr. Leonard R. Spicer '41
Dr. John M. Woodward '41
Mr. Bernard B. Beaulieu '42
Mrs. Arlene Grant Bergeron '42
Mrs. Clara Williams Delehanty '42
Ms. Eleanor M. Draper '42
Col. Raymond R. Dupell, Ret. '42
Mr. Charles F. Ellis '42
Mr. Roger B. Judkins '42
Ms. Barbara H. Larkin '42
Mr. Harold A. Meserve '42
Mrs. Ruth Hale Nolan '42
Mr. Arthur D. Riel '42
Mr. Howard L. Steele Jr. '42
Capt. Neale O. Westfall '42, '48G
Mr. Dwight G. Stiles '42, '44H, '70G
Mr. Ralph A. Desroches '43
Mr. Clifton L. Flint '43
Dr. Arthur F. Galli '43
Mr. John D. Grady '43
Mr. Harry F. Lucas '43
Mrs. June Straw MacDonald '43
Mr. Robert S. Messer '43
Mrs. Marion Phillips Morgan '43
Mr. John J. O'Neill '43G
Dr. Albert I. Oliver Jr. '43G
Dr. Arthur G. Zitrides '43
Mr. Henry J. Barber Jr. '44G
Mr. Thomas R. Niles '44
Ms. Ethel E. Odin '44G
Mr. George O. R. Brungot '45
Ms. Faith E. Emery '45
Mrs. Ruth Metzger Lennon '45
Mr. Albert H. Conde '46
Mrs. Natalie Harrington McKenney '46
Mr. Minott L. Coombs '47
The Rev. John Papandrew '47
Mrs. Ralene Martin Currier '48
Mr. Charles G. M. Edgerly '48
Mr. Raymond A. Hamilton '48
Mr. Royce W. Hill '48
Mrs. Margaret McCartney Hornbeck '48
Mrs. Shirley Horne Knight '48
Mr. David S. Luscombe '48G
Ms. Jeannette I. Roberts '48
Mr. Charles F. Stephenson '48
Dr. James S. Weeks '48
Mr. Allen W. Neff '48, '44H
Mr. John E. Connors '49
Mr. William E. Crosby '49
Ms. Lorna C. Doon '49
Mr. Gerald M. Ellsworth '49
Mr. William J. Gabriel '49
Mr. Henry W. Lutz '49
Mr. Bernard Ross '49
Mr. William L. Batchelder '50
Lt. Col. Thomas R. Bean '50
Mr. Warren E. Beck '50
Mrs. Jane Campbell Ellsworth '50
Capt. A. Gordon Finley, Ret. '50
Mr. Robert J. McManus '50
Mr. Robert C. Miksen '50
Mr. Ralph H. Munn Jr. '50
Mr. Elwin E. Muzzey '50
Mr. S. Theodore Page '50
Mr. Alfred C. Wyman '50
Lt. Col. Gordon J. Allen, Ret. '51
Mr. Arthur S. Dion '51
Mr. Gerald L. Farrington '51
Mr. Theodore C. Lylis '51G
Mr. Howard T. Moulton '51G
Mr. Charles I. Thorne '51
Mrs. Patricia Perkins Weeks '51
Mr. Harold P. Estabrook '52
Mr. Robert M. Snow '52
Mr. Robert W. Brooks '53
Mrs. Marilyn Colburn Dow '53
Mr. Patrick J. Hughes II '53
Mr. Francis H. Cheever '54
Ms. Joanne Hobbs Martin '54
Mr. Allen C. Peters '54
Mr. Barry G. Simpson '54
Dr. Wendell E. Dodge '55
Mr. Charles E. Paterson '55
Mr. Peter H. Dunlop '56
Mr. Per-Jan Ranhoff '56G, '64G
Ms. Margaret T. Viens '56
Mr. Donald G. Desrosiers '57
Mr. Howard L. Mason '57
Mr. Lawrence M. Hagen '58
Mr. Sanford R. Sessler '58
Mr. William J. Ahern '59
Mr. Jon N. Heinrich '59G
Mr. James F. Herlihy '59
Mr. Edward F. Ledgard '59G
Mrs. Jeanne DuBourdieu McKenna '59
Mr. William P. Prescott '59
Mr. Richard D. Sawyer '60
Mr. Douglas R. Watts '60, '68G
Mrs. Joan MacKenzie Eustis '61, '73G
Mr. Dana F. Schow '62
Mrs. Terry Tripp Silber '62
Mrs. Joyce Moser Carleton '63
Mr. Ellsworth C. Cole '63
Mr. Lawrence E. Cyr '63
Mr. George E. Liouzis '63
Mr. Leslie L. Gorrell '64
Mr. Theodore R. Rejimbal Jr. '64
Mr. Robert C. LaClair '66
Ms. Phyllis Ayer Swanson '66
Mr. Kenneth W. Norton '67, '71G
Mr. Thomas Santiso '67G
Mrs. Kathleen Farnum Aldrich '68G
Mr. Leonard R. Frost Jr. '68
Mr. Thomas J. Loughlin Jr. '68
Mrs. Anita Roberts Owen '68, '70G
Mr. Linwood C. Bailey '69
Mr. John W. Davis '69
Mrs. Patricia Maguire Guerra '69
Ms. Virginia O. Snively-Bader '69G
Mrs. Carolyn Tkacz Crofut '70
Mrs. Barbara Malecki Huntington '70
Ms. Linda A. Stevens '70
Mr. John A. Pepin '71
Sister Frances M. Russell '71G
Dr. James J. Kaminski '72G
Mr. Jeffry L. Michelsen '72
Mr. Harold J. Lovan '73G
Mrs. Dianne Rockwell McIlvoy '73
Mr. William R. Muse '73
Mrs. Jean Taylor Field '74
Mr. George G. Nau '74
Mrs. Norma Payne Stang '74
Mrs. Katharyn M. Wheeler '75
Mr. Francis E. Cassidy '76G
Mr. Luke S. Hovland '77G
Mr. Kevin P. Murphy '77
Mr. Brian H. Stewart '78
Mr. Terrence Sullivan '78
Mr. Michael T. Kelly '79
Ms. Jolene Benoit '80
Mr. Dan E. Harbour '80
Mr. Timothy H. Smith '82
Ms. Susan P. Knight '83
Mr. Matthew J. Purwinis '83
Mr. Edward M. Horton Jr. '84
Mrs. Susan Gaito Morse '84
Mr. Stephen R. Casavant '85
Mr. Roland R. DuBois Jr. '86
Mr. William G. Vaughan '87, '94G
Mrs. Sharon Ellis Smoyer '94, '99G
Mr. Walter L. Jones '98
Mr. David T. Pasquantonio '99
Ms. Della G. Bennett '02
Ms. Amy L. Niepokoyczycki '02
Mr. Christopher Arre '04
Mr. Corey F. Stoller '05

Mary Zacharias Sophios

Mary Zacharias Sophios '28, an immigration specialist, died March 17. She was 96.

After UNH, Sophios began working at the Massachusetts Department of Immigration and Naturalization as a court interpreter and later as an immigration specialist and Greek translator. At the age of 70, she began working for a Boston law firm on citizenship and assimilation issues. From age 80 until her retirement five years later, she ran a private immigration consulting business out of her home. She was active in many Greek-American philanthropic groups.

She is survived by two daughters, Barbara Sophios and Dorothy Graham; five grandsons; and three great-grandchildren.

William D. Clement

Retired Col. William D. Clement '42, '50G of Dover, N.H., died July 13. He was 82.

After receiving a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering at UNH in 1942, Clement served in the Army Air Corps at Burton Wood in England. Following the war, he earned an M.S. in mechanical engineering from UNH in 1950. He also earned an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago in 1960. He taught mechanical engineering at UNH and at the Air Force Institute of Technology before joining the Air Force's Lincoln Labs in 1960. He worked there as a researcher until retiring in 1972.

Clement helped plan the construction of the Elliott Alumni Center, was presented with the UNH Alumni Meritorious Service award in 1986 and served as the Class of 1942 treasurer.

He is survived by three daughters, Catherine Clement Gonnerman, Claire Clement and Margot Clement Mead '74; three grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; and nieces and nephews.

Owen B. Durgin

Owen B. Durgin '51G, professor emeritus of resource economics, died on June 25. He was 81.

Durgin entered Gorham State Teachers College in 1939, but left to serve in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1946. After the war, he completed his bachelor's degree and in 1951 received a master's degree from UNH in sociology. He taught statistics at UNH for 42 years. In addition, he served as Agricultural Experiment Station statistician; UNH registrar, where he and an assistant, Anne Palmer, initiated computerized student registration; associate chairman of the Resources Development Center; director of the Institute of Natural and Environmental Resources; and director of the Office of Biometrics. Durgin was active in Durham town affairs.

He is survived by two daughters, Susan Cilley '72 and Lynn Long '94G; and a son, Bernard.

Francis J. Sullivan Jr.

Francis J. Sullivan Jr. '52 of Concord, N.H., died on May 27. He was 72.

Sullivan earned a B.A. in political science from UNH in 1952, and then worked for the National Grange and Peerless Insurance. For 32 years, he was a managing general agent for Great American Life, and was awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. He also owned and operated the Associated Underwriters of New England. In 1998, he was inducted into the UNH 100 Club Athletic Hall of Fame.

Survivors include his wife, Virginia King Sullivan; daughters Jane Sullivan, Diane Wheeler, Nancy Stewart and Kathleen Sullivan; two granddaughters; cousins, nieces and nephews.

Thomas C. Warren

Thomas C. Warren '74 died July 14 in a motorcycle accident near his home in Danbury, Conn. He was 49.

Warren earned a B.A. degree in zoology in 1974 from UNH and a master's degree in biomedical science while performing research in viral pathology at the National Institutes of Health. He joined Wyeth-Ayerst, and later Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, where he was part of a team of scientists who discovered the AIDS drug Viramune. He was the first scientist to crystallize reverse transcriptase, the target of the AIDS virus.

He is survived by a daughter, Maggie; and a sister, Anne Murray. ~

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