Letters to the Editor

Higher Standards

Regarding your Winter 2003 issue and the article entitled "Hunting for Hidden Treasure," having walked the Orkney Islands from the Scapa Flow to the city of Kirkwall to the ancient remains of Skara Brae, I can assure you that the Orkney Islands are part of Scotland, not as you state "just north of Scotland." Is Nantucket Island or New Hampshire's own Isle of Shoals to be described as "just off the coast of the United States?" A small point maybe, but after all, you do represent a university. Quite possibly, we hold you to higher journalistic standards than the Union Leader.

Sudanese Education


The article in the Winter 2003 issue of the UNH Magazine on the "Lost Boys of Sudan" by Lorraine Stuart Merrill '73 was of great interest to me. I have recently become acquainted with a Sudanese refugee who works at an agency where I volunteer several hours a week. I am ashamed to admit how little I knew about the situation in that African nation and I am grateful to my Sudanese friend who has patiently enlightened me. I was surprised and pleased to learn that the university has had an active role in helping some of these "Lost Boys." I'd love to see a follow-up article when they graduate!

"Lost and Found" (Winter '03) was a wonderful story. Soon after the issue came out, I was at a church fellowship meeting in South Berwick, Maine, and four or five men asked me about the article. I was actually surprised at the number of UNH graduates in my midst. They all thought it was a wonderful thing for UNH to be doing. The next Sunday at church, the questions continued. We discussed how such a well-written piece would likely generate more money than ever anticipated for the "Boys from Sudan." Others commented that they had never sent money to UNH after graduating, but said they would get out their checkbooks to support these guys.

My wife and I read with great interest the story about the Lost Boys of the Sudan in the Winter 2003 issue of UNH Magazine. We warmly applaud the wonderful work UNH is doing with these marvelously worthy scholarship recipients!

Editor's note: A scholarship fund to help Sudanese refugee students at UNH has been established. To contribute, send a check made payable to the UNH Foundation Inc., with the notation "Lost Boys of the Sudan Scholarship Fund." Mail to the Elliott Alumni Center, 9 Edgewood Road, Durham, N.H. 03824.

Too Small to Read

We read with interest "the magazine," but when we came to the obits we were shocked. One page out of 64 for those alumni who have gone before us! We had to get a magnifying glass to read the list of those who have passed away. Without a doubt, your eyes are younger than ours and can read this fine print. These may be "old folks," but they still count to us oldsters. I would like to see you honor these long-ago grads with a print the size of and as dark as the Letters to the Editor. If you can cut down on white space (which abounds in the magazine) you might just get all of the written material into readable type.