Letters to the Editor

Outing Club Stands Alone

I was pleased to see the New Hampshire Outing Club featured in UNH Magazine. I was a member of the club, which is one of the best parts of UNH. Though I thought the writing and pictures were very good, there was one error.

Gwynne Daggert and students at Mt. Chocorua
Professor Gwynne Daggart, right, and students on a 1946 NHOC trip to Mt. Chocorua. Courtesy of Ken Woodard '47
The club is not one of 12 volunteer-run chapters of the Appalachian Mountain Club. The AMC, for whom I worked one summer, does have 12 volunteer-run chapters, one of which is the New Hampshire Chapter of the AMC, but this chapter is by no means the same as the NHOC.

What a great article about the New Hampshire Outing Club! To update alumni about our summer plans, we will be rebuilding Jackson cabin with a $17,500 grant from the UNH Parents Association. Outing Club alumni who would like to contact the club may call (603) 862-2145. We'd love to hear from you.

Happy Ending

Suki Casanave's compelling story in the winter UNH Magazine of the immigrant Congolese couple now living in Manchester, and their efforts to be reunited with their seven children, set off a chain reaction that goes far, far beyond New Hampshire! UNH students, with the guidance of the Committee on Rights and Justice, continue to work to raise money. After terrorists came to the children's house in the Congo a month ago, Danny's Team, a small Durham nonprofit, sent money for bus fare that allowed them to escape to Uganda. Congressman Jeb Bradley and Senators Gregg and Sununu are advocating for the children in Washington. Durham Marketplace and Great Bay Rotary made a generous contribution, some of which will be used for required medical exams and immunizations. The Outback in Durham is carrying products, the sale of which will benefit the children. The Ella Lyman Cabot Trust in Boston made a grant to the family, $1,700 of which will be used for passports. Hubert is being treated pro bono by a Manchester doctor. Several people are underwriting plane tickets, which are estimated to cost as much as $21,000. Regal Limousine has offered to pick up the children at the airport when they arrive. On June 7, UNH President Ann Weaver Hart will host a party to acknowledge these efforts. And we just learned that Humanitarian Parole has been granted, and after nearly two years of separation, the children are expected to join their parents soon. Thank you for spotlighting this story, and the story of immigrants and refugees in New Hampshire. Contributions earmarked "The family" may be sent to Danny's Team, P.O. Box 606, Durham, N. H. 03824.

Political Diversity

I was so pleased to read "Only in New Hampshire" (Winter 2004) and learn that students at UNH are encouraged to get actively involved in the New Hampshire primary. We have such a unique opportunity here in New Hampshire that I think it is our responsibility to the country to take advantage of the access we have to the candidates. I was particularly pleased to see that "a healthy diversity of political viewpoints" is valued by the duo teaching the primary course, J. Mark Wrighton and Andrew Smith. Sadly, on many college campuses there is only tolerance for one political perspective.

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