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In Memoriam

Mrs. Anne Ferguson Boy
Mrs. Minnie Mae Murray
Ms. Stella Arambel
Mrs. Margaret Flint Foote '28
Ms. Margaret Blaisdell
Porter-Shirl '28
Mrs. Julia Taylor Currie '29
Mr. Melville S. Hodgdon '29
Mr. Arnold C. Blake '30
Mr. Paul B. Shepard '30
Mr. Howard T. Dickson '33
Mrs. Ruth Johnson
Cournoyer '34, '36G
Mr. Dana E. Goodwin '34
Mrs. Elizabeth Farmer
McIninch '34
Mr. Earle W. Chandler '35
Mr. Harold F. Currier '35
Mr. William Isherwood Jr. '35
Dr. Terry F. Lapeza '35
Mr. Stanley P. Maynard '35
Mr. Everett R. Reney '35
Mr. Wilbrum R. Schofield '35
Mrs. Charlotte Hills Brown '36
Dr. Ronald F. Buchan '36
Mr. Herbert Cowden '36, '38G
Dr. Fred W. Hoyt III '36
Mr. Robert W. Thayer '36
Mr. Donald A. Bergquist '37
Ms. Madeleine Cournoyer '37G
Mr. Nicholas J. Cricenti '37
Mrs. Dora Drouin MacEslin '37
Mr. William A. Norton '37
Ms. Ruth Johnson Pulk '37
Mr. George B. Dodson Jr. '38
Mrs. Ellen Brown Stiles '38
Mr. Charles S. Arvenitis '39
Mrs. Frances Ramsdell Cram '39
Mrs. Barbara Parsons Grimes '39
Mr. Frederic F. Hillier '39
Mrs. Rosamond Merrill Nutting '39
Mrs. Janice Fifield Dawe '40
Mr. Forest F. Hall Jr. '40
Mr. Patrick O'Hara '40
Mr. Winton L. Seymour '40
Mr. Matthew Flaherty '41, '56G
Mrs. Barbara Adams Larrabee '41
Mr. Edwin P. Nye '41
Mr. Christopher C. Petroff '41
Ms. Iris Valley '41, '55G
Mr. Warner W. Wayne Jr. '41
Mrs. Margaret Welch Beaupre '42G
Ms. Edith M. Blake '42
Mrs. Patricia Bowen Davis '42
Dr. Lawrence Hazzard Jr. '42
Mr. Roger A. Peabody '42
Mr. Stanley A. Platek '42
Mrs. Catherine Sullivan Tolman '42
Mr. Clifford H. Towne '42
Mrs. Nancy Parsons Voss '42
Mr. George T. Wise '42
Mrs. Miriam Davis Barkelew '43
Mr. Russell R. Beal '43
Mrs. Annotte Thompson Durkee '43
Mr. O. Andrew Sanne '43
Mr. James H. Tasker Jr. '43
Mrs. Eleanor Marston Richards '44
Mr. Robert H. Turner '44
Dr. Harold H. Warren '44, '48G
Mrs. Olympia Sagris Diniak '45
Dr. Donald L. Kingsbury '45
Mr. Albert Chirnside '46
Mr. Wilfred M. Hastings '46
Mrs. Elaine Fox Whitney '46
Mrs. Grace Emerson Hammond '47
Mr. Albert J. Britton '48
Mr. Arthur H. Gamache '48
Mr. Arthur Massucco '48
Mrs. Thelma Donahue Segarra '48
Mrs. Phyllis Messer Cross '49
Mrs. Lois Milbury Gove '49
Mr. Roland J. Melanson '49
Mr. Waldron Newell '49, '50G
Mr. David H. Peaslee '49
Mr. Robert F. Sanderson '49
Mrs. Katherine Watt Saunders '49
Mr. Kendall B. Southern '49
Mr. Irving Whittemore Jr. '49
Mr. H. Edward Dumaine '50
Mr. R. Burke Fahlman '50
Mrs. Harriet Weston Johnson '50
Mr. Joseph K. Pollock '50
Mr. Norman D. Rice '50
Mr. Paul A. Ryll '50
Mr. Hayes W. Sawyer Jr. '50
Mr. Donald A. Stecher '50
Mr. Joseph R. Coupal Jr. '51G
Mrs. Mary Tasker DeCicco '51, '52G
Mr. Elden D. Langley '51
Mr. Frederick A. Lewis '51
Ms. Marguerite McMurtrie-Bean '51
Mr. Albert N. Morse '51
Mr. Arthur W. White '51
Mr. Channing T. Brown '52
Mr. Charles R. Dustin '52
Mr. Curt J. Ford Jr. '52
Mr. Walter Prior III '52G
Ms. Grace M. Pritchard '52
Mr. Vic Barden '53, '69G
Mr. Ronald P. Boucher '53
Mr. Charles J. Farnham '53
Ms. Carole H. Ready '53
Mr. Ronald D. Sadow '53
Mr. D. Franklin Wishart '53
Mr. Leslie L. Baker '54
Mr. Ronald G. Dugas '54
Mr. Leighton C. Gilman '54
Mr. William F. Hutchinson '54
Mr. John R. Jacobson '54
Mrs. Sylvia Lehnert McIsaac '54
Rev. C. William Armstrong '55
Mrs. Caroline Norman Boyle '55
Mr. Raymond Hackett Jr. '55
Mr. Theodore R. Cote '56
Mr. Edward J. Murphy Jr. '56
Mr. Fred L. Churchill '58
Mr. Francis J. Mullin Jr. '58
Ms. Sandra Wiedmann Finn '59
Mrs. Nancy Jane Locke Leavitt '59, '72G
Mrs. Helen Benner Perrault '59
Mr. John W. Stocker '59
Mrs. Frances Lane Doe '60
Mr. Douglas M. Carter '61G
Mr. Robert L. Fairchild '61
Dr. Patricia E. Jensen '62G
Mr. William P. Harty '63
Mrs. Susan Olson Whitebook '63
Dr. Paul E. Barrett '64, '67G
Dr. James S. Morrison '64G
Ms. Brenda E. Gibbs '65
Dr. Kenneth L. Dion '66
Mr. Theodore A. Labrie '67
Mr. Nicholas G. Littlefield '67
Ms. Kathryn C. Miller, Esq. '67
Mr. Chauncey W. Uphoff '67
Mr. Bobby G. Carter '68
Sister Ralph Imperatore '68G
Mr. Edwin L. Kirzner '68
Mr. Alan J. Parent '68
Mr. Hollis G. Bunker '69
Mr. Leonard F. Foley '69G
Mr. Richard G. McKown '69
Mr. Nicholas A. Gulli '70G
Ms. Elizabeth A. Prough '70G
Mr. Theodore G. Wells Jr. '70G
Mr. Robert A. Lamothe '71
Mr. David S. Chick '72G, '94G
Ms. Catherine Lawlor Hickey '72G
Mr. Theodore H. Hommel '72G
Mr. George I. Pennock '72
Mr. Alan J. Perkins '72
Mr. John E. Rines '72, '90G
Mr. Larry J. Kramer '73G
Col. Edward B. Sleeper, Ret. '74, '75G
Mrs. Kathleen Goodnow Snow-Nealley '74
Mr. Preston S. Garrett '75
Mr. Ronald G. Gaskell '76
Mr. Eric R. Russell '76
Ms. Wendee L. Wright '77
Ms. Cynthia Trumbull Brown '78, '79G
Mr. James V. Gardner III '78
Mr. James P. D'Alessio '80
Ms. Anne-Rose S. Hertig '80, '81G
Mrs. Ruth Lester Gowen '81
Mr. Richard C. Kansky '82, '87G, '94G
Mr. Stephen F. Kidder '82G
Mr. Scott F. Hamilton '84
Mrs. Caroline Czuba Seker '89G
Mr. Mark R. Smith '91
Dr. Francis Flood '92G
Mr. Paul D. Hubbe '92G
Ms. Hannah E. Foote '95
Dr. Thomas J. Carroll Jr. '96G
Mr. Jalil A. Soukrati '04
Ms. Ashley Kilburn-Peterson '06
Mr. Aaron R. Risley '08

William F. Kidder '36

Former state representative William F. Kidder '36 died on Feb. 16 in New London, N.H.

Kidder received a bachelor's degree in economics from UNH in 1936 and fought with the Army's 102nd Infantry Division in Europe during World War II. After the war ended, Kidder was town clerk in New London for 40 years. In 1958, he became founder and president of the New London Trust Company. He also served as a director of King Ridge ski area for 20 years.

From 1971 to 1994, Kidder was a member of the state legislature and was chairman of the appropriations committee for 10 years. He was a member of the UNH Alumni Board of Directors, served on the board of trustees for the University System of New Hampshire, and received the Profile of Service Award and the Granite State Award.

He is survived by a son, David Kidder '71; and four grandsons.

Norman W. Myers '50, '81H

Norman W. Myers '50 of Newington, N.H., a long-time UNH administrator, died on Dec. 30.

Myers enlisted in the Navy in 1942 and served until 1946. He attended UNH on the G.I. Bill and graduated summa cum laude in three years. In 1952, the family returned to Durham where Myers worked at UNH for 25 years. He was named vice president and treasurer and played a major role in the growth of the University System of New Hampshire. During his tenure, more than 60 buildings were added to the Durham campus alone. Myers was active in starting Channel 11 as a public television station at UNH. He also played an important role in bringing computers to UNH in the early '60s. In 1981, USNH awarded him an honorary Doctor of Laws degree and the USNH center was named in his honor in 1984.

He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Barbara; daughter Gail Pare '68; son Peter Myers '73; several grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Dr. Deborah R. Siena '71

Deborah Renee Siena '71 of Willis, Mich., died on March 31. She was 55.

Siena received a B.A. in zoology from UNH in 1971, and two master's degrees and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. She was a staff microbiologist and virologist at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and also a director of a hemodyalisis facility in Ohio. Siena received five patents for scientific devices. She was a third-degree black belt in karate and raised Yorkshire terriers.

Survivors include a sister; a niece; a nephew; five great-nieces and nephews; many other relatives; and her friend of 37 years, Beverly Holmberg.

Dr. Harry A. Keener, former dean

Harry A. Keener died March 2 at Langdon Place in Dover, N.H.

Keener is survived by sons Allan'64 and William Keener '68; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; a brother, C. Wayne Keener; and a nephew.

Dr. Lyman Mower, professor emeritus

Lyman Mower, emeritus professor of physics, died on Dec. 20 in Durham.

Mower served in the Navy during World War II, and earned a Ph.D. from MIT in 1952. In 1957, he joined the UNH faculty and taught physics and conducted research on the quantum theory of radiation until his retirement in 1990.

He is survived by children Amy, Robin and Todd Mower '83; three grandchildren; a brother; two cousins and several nieces and nephews.

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