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In Memoriam

Mr. Frederick Stanton Lawrence '24
Mr. Herbert L. Dodge '25
Mr. Edward W. Blampied '27
Mrs. Marguerite Blodgett Brown '27
Mrs. Dorothy Hobbs Cummings '28
Mr. John F. Stevens '28
Mr. Real DesRochers '29
Mrs. Mary Timmins Dickson '29
Mr. Charles C. Johnson '29
Mrs. Louise Woodman Ojanen '29, '31G
Mrs. Dorothy Tarr Hobbs '30, '31G
Mr. Philip Nudd '30, '33G
Mrs. Dorothy Carr Bucko '31
Mr. Bernard A. Kimball '31
Mr. Norman K. Leggett '31
Mr. Benjamin Abramson '32
Col. Malcolm D. Brannen, Ret. '32
Mr. John A. Dane '32
Mr. Albert E. McFadden '32
Dr. Robert L. Richards '32, '32G
Mr. William J. Volkman '32
Mr. Frederick L. Adams '33
Mrs. Conradene Bowen Cooper '34
Mr. Donald L. Fassnacht '34
Mrs. Emily Otto Ballew '35
Dr. Edward W. Colby '35
Mr. Fred G. Howell '35
Mr. George I. Parker '35
Mr. Chester F. Perkins '35
Mrs. Lucille Sterling Torgrimson '35
Mr. Johannes Vanderhoeff Jr. '35
Mr. Charles P. Mason '36
Mr. Howard E. Ordway '36
Comm. Paul H. Phaneuf, Ret. '36G
Mrs. Josie Stone Beebe '37
Mr. Alger S. Bourn '37G, '62G
Mr. Robert A. Flanders '37
The Rev. Edward H. Hayes '37
Col. Donald E. Twyon, Ret. '37
Mr. Elmer V. Andrews '38, '39G
Mrs. Mildred Bialon Duane '38
Mr. Alan Stevens '38
Mrs. Katherine Brakeley Bird '39
Mr. Harry E. Kenney '39, '43G
Mr. Elliot B. Woodward '39
Ms. Dorothy G. Dissell '40G
Mrs. Natalie Reinherz Firestone '40
Mr. Milton L. Fontaine '40
Mr. Leonard R. Haubrich '40
Dr. Lloyd H. Perry '40G
Mr. Allan C. Ensign '41G
Major Lloyd F. Pike '41
Mrs. Helena Sawyer Davison '43
Mrs. Patricia Jordan Dyas '43
Dr. Richard C. Jones III '43G
Mr. Edmund E. Owen '43
Mr. Gordon E. Placy '44
Ms. Mary E. Rowden '44
Mr. Wilbur T. Sharples Jr. '44
Mr. John W. Sives '44
Mr. John S. Alvord '45
Mrs. Rita Mitchell Smith '45
Mrs. Laura Hamm Trask '46, '54G
Mr. Charles D. Burrage III '47
Mr. Fred A. White Jr. '47
Mrs. Nancie Jewett Berquist '48
Ms. Priscilla M. Clark '48
Mr. Robert N. Goodman '48, '50G
Ms. Jane B. Conant '49
Mr. Joseph A. Devlin Jr. '49
Mrs. Marguerite Jordan Gabriel '49
Mr. Carl A. Garey '49
Mr. Daniel E. Griffiths '49G
Mr. John C. Lewis '49
Mr. Dennis C. Lynch '49
Mr. David B. Watson '49
Mr. Robert J. Murphy Jr. '50
Mr. Peter Nestervich '50
Lt. Col. Stephen M. Flanagan, Ret. '51
Mr. Louis F. Hilliard '51
Mr. Clifton A. Ingram '51
Mr. Michael G. Kacivisti '51
Mr. James D. Stewart '51G
Mr. Norman C. Batchelder '52
Mr. Richard B. Capron '52
Mr. Robert Cummings '52
Mr. James N. Emanuel '52
Mr. Paul S. Shomper '52
Mr. Samuel S. Furber Jr. '53
Mr. Thomas J. Canavan '54
Mr. Gerald W. McKenzie '54
Mr. Howard F. Risdon Jr. '54
The Rev. David A. Venator '54
Mr. Gareth D. Campbell '55
Mr. Edward R. Brooks '56
Mr. Raymond M. Caron '58
Mr. Roland J. Howard '58
Mr. Richard S. Frizzell '59
Mr. Timothy J. Rogers '59
Mr. William H. Wilson III '59
Mr. Matthew L. Iagatta '60
Mr. Anthony J. Bartolo '62
Mr. Joseph J. Power Jr. '62
Mr. William K. Murray '63
Capt. Kenneth G. Curtis, Ret. '64
Mr. Richard A. Aieta '65
Mr. Paul P. Hubert '65G
Mr. George A. Taft '65, '68G
Mrs. Ellen French Kolbe '66
Mr. William S. Smith '66
Mr. Richard A. Johnson '69
Mr. Paul F. Finnegan '72
Dr. Lendon N. Pridgen '72G
Mr. Allan N. Stevens '73
Mr. Matthew D. Bancroft '74
Ms. Nancy Henderson '74
Mr. Daniel C. McAteer Jr. '74
Mr. Raoul F. Couture '75
Mr. Michael C. Jean '75
Mr. Allen D. Murdock '76G
Mr. Russell C. Smith '76
Ms. Ellen M. McCue '79
Mr. Robert K. Sawyer '82
Mr. Edwin T. Rice '84
Mrs. Caren Stickler Mariano '85
Mr. Allan J. Shea '91
Mr. John F. Cody '92
Mr. Jeffrey J. Castro '96, '98G
Mr. Timothy S. Lucia '96
Ms. Karen M. Mathson '96G
Ms. Carrie A. Kohler '98
Mr. Kevin E. Devanney '99

Albert F. Daggett '28, '30G

Long-time UNH chemistry professor Albert Frederick Daggett '28, '30G died Nov. 23, 1999, at age 93.

After earning B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemistry from UNH, Daggett received a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Columbia University in 1934. In addition to many years of teaching chemistry at UNH, Daggett served as dean of the graduate school and coordinator of research from 1949 to 1952. He was the coordinator of the chemistry development program at the National University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru, from 1956 to 1960, a special consultant there in 1962 and a visiting lecturer in 1964. He retired from UNH in 1976.

He is survived by his wife, Marjorie Robbins Daggett; a son, Frederick Phelps Daggett '63; a daughter, Sandra Luongo; grandsons Andrew B. McManus '92, David F. Daggett '92 and Barry H. Daggett '96; and a stepson, Stephen E. Rumery.

Thomas E. Carr '39

Thomas E. Carr '39, former president of Carr Brothers Co., died Oct. 11, 1999. He was 82.

Carr graduated from UNH with a B.S. degree in business administration. Prior to World War II, he worked at Carr Brothers Co., a Portland, Maine, produce distribution company owned by his family. From 1942 to 1945, Carr served in the U.S. Navy aboard submarine chasers.

In 1950, Carr took over the management of Carr Brothers, becoming president in 1967. Under his leadership, the company became a full-service institutional food service. Carr was also active in a number of business ventures, including real estate, recreational areas, waterfront development and a restaurant. He retired from Carr Brothers in 1986.

He is survived by his wife, Irene Lebel Carr; sons Thomas E. Carr II and Michael J. Carr; daughter Suzanne Carr Copeland '72; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Clayton L. Follansbee '41

Clayton "Red" L. Follansbee '41 died Aug. 22, 1999, at age 81.

Before attending UNH, Follansbee organized and played with the Blue Jays, a semi-pro New England hockey team. He graduated from UNH with a degree in general studies, and served in the Navy on the USS Saratoga during World War II.

Follansbee was a civil servant at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and also was employed in real estate. Active in the town of Durham, he was a member of the town council, the budget committee and two American Legion posts. He organized and led the Durham Memorial Day parade for more than 30 years.

He is survived by his wife, Edna Peters Follansbee; daughters Gail Nadeau, Cheryl Mahoney '70 and Pamela Reckendorf; eight grandchildren, including Courtney Nadeau '90 and Justin Nadeau '96; a brother, Paul Follansbee '49; and several nieces, nephews and cousins.

Takis Papas '63, '66G

Molecular oncology pioneer Takis Papas '63, '66G died Nov. 19, 1999, at the age of 64.

Papas received a B.S. degree in chemistry in 1963 and a master's in biochemistry in 1966 from UNH, and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Marquette University. He spent most of his career at the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute, where he was chief of the molecular oncology laboratory and led studies of the genetic basis of cancer. He was internationally recognized as a founder of the field of molecular oncology and was one of the first scientists to discover cancer-causing oncogenes.

From 1984 to 1993, Papas was a professor of biology at Johns Hopkins University, and since 1993 was the director of the Center for Molecular and Structural Biology at the Medical University of South Carolina. He was the author of more than 320 articles and several books. In 1983, he received the NIH Award of Merit for his research on oncogenes.

He is survived by his wife, Tula Christy Papas; daughters Katie and Laura Papas; a brother, John Papas '59; and a sister, Koula Maragoudakis.

Valjeane M. Olenn '84G

Valjeane M. Olenn '84G died Oct. 14, 1999. She was 59.

Olenn earned B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, and a master of education degree from UNH in 1984. She taught social studies and English in several states before becoming assistant principal of the Dover, N.H., High School in 1983. In 1986, she was named the Wells (Maine) High School principal, retiring in 1999. In 1993, she received a Milken Foundation award as an outstanding Maine educator.

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