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September 11th In Memoriam

Oliver J. Hubbard '21
Beatrice Nutter Cornish '33
Dr. david Moody Hopkins '42
William B.Ewart '65, '69
Donald Chapman, professor emeritus

Oliver J. Hubbard '21

Oliver J. Hubbard '21, international leader in poultry breeding and philanthropist, died Oct. 20, 2001. He was 101.

A native of Walpole, N.H., Hubbard graduated from UNH in 1921. During World War I, he served in the U.S. Army. He was the longtime president of Hubbard Farms, which he, his father and brothers made into a world leader in poultry genetics research.

In 1975, Hubbard received the UNH Alumni Association's Pettee Medal in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and distinguished service by a New Hampshire resident to the state, nation and world. In 1982, UNH awarded Hubbard an honorary doctorate in science. Over the years, the Hubbard family contributed millions of dollars to UNH to establish science programs.

Hubbard family contributed millions of dollars to UNH to establish science programs. He is survived by two sons, O. Wentworth '50 and Robert '74G; a brother, Leslie '27; four grandchildren; and 15 great-grandchildren. His wife, Dorothy Penniman Hubbard, and a brother, Austin '25, predeceased him.

Beatrice Nutter Cornish '33

Beatrice Nutter Cornish '33 died Nov. 16, 2001 at the age of 90. She was an educator and active UNH alumna.

Cornish graduated cum laude from UNH in 1933, earning a bachelor's degree in Latin, French and English. She retired from a high school teaching career after nearly four decades. She was an active member of the UNH Alumni Association, serving as a class officer and on the Seacoast Alumni Board of Directors. In 1995, she received the Alumni Meritorious Service Award.

Survivors include her daughters, Sharyn L. Stuart and Cathryn C. Spreeman; three grandchildren; and two step-grandchildren.

Dr. David Moody Hopkins '42

Dr. David Moody Hopkins '42, an arctic geologist and leading authority on the land link that allowed ice age hunters to pursue their mammoth and mastodon prey from Siberia to Alaska nearly 12,000 years ago, died Nov. 2, 2001. He was 79.

Hopkins earned a B.S. from UNH in 1942. He received a master's degree (1948) and Ph.D. (1955) from Harvard University. He was a research scientist for the U.S. Geological Survey from 1942 to 1984. From 1984 until 1994, he was a professor at the University of Alaska.

Hopkins is survived by his wife of 31 years, Rachel Chouinard Hopkins; two daughters and a son from previous marriages; three stepsons; a brother; a sister; and eight grandchildren.

William B. Ewert '65, '69G

William Bruce Ewert '65, '69G, leader in education in New Hampshire, special assistant to the state's commissioner of education and printer of letterpress books, died Oct. 26, 2001. He was 58.

He graduated from UNH with a B.S. in chemistry in 1965 and a master's degree in education in 1969. In 1970, he joined the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Ewert was a publisher of fine editions of letterpress books by authors such as Donald Hall and John Updike. He was also an avid book collector. He donated his Robert Frost collection to the Dimond Library in 1977.

He twice received UNH's Granite State Award for his special service and commitment to New Hampshire, in 1984 and 2000.

Survivors include his wife, Mary S. Ewert; his sons, Mark F. Ewert '92 and William H. Ewert II; two grandsons, Nicholas and Ian; his mother; two brothers, Gary '72 and Randolph; and a sister, Allayn Ferry.

Donald Chapman, professor emeritus

Dr. Donald H. Chapman, professor of geology, died on July 3, 2001. He was 96.

Chapman attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, earning a B.S. in 1927 and a Ph.D. in geology in 1931. His academic career at UNH spanned 43 years.

Ph.D. in geology in 1931. His academic career at UNH spanned 43 years. He was a distinguished and popular teacher, photographer, geological researcher, cartographer, lecturer and traveler. Among his honors was the 1958 Medallion of the Royal Order of Saint Olav, given by King Olav of Norway for his innovative support of Norwegian students who attended UNH and became engineers in Norway and the U.S.

He was predeceased by his first wife, Aida Vee McKee Chapman, and his second wife, Elisabeth Bauer Chapman '29. He is survived by his daughter, Dorothy Hoeizle Perreca; his stepson, Ralph Craig '54, '59G; and his stepdaughter, Susan Craig Hastings '58. ~

Mr. Oliver J. Hubbard '21
Mr. Dwight K. Andrew '23
Mrs. Evelyn Burnham Kenyon '25
Mr. Charles E. Chase '27
Mr. William B. Fisher '29
Mr. Lester E. Connor '30
Mrs. Pauline Smith Kinsley '30
Mrs. Miriam Nealley Siddall '30
Mrs. Marjorie Rowe Gulumian '31
Mr. Lloyd V. Sawyer '31
Ms. Genevieve D. Sullivan '31
Mrs. Lauria Pelkey Grandey '32
Mr. Julian H. Teague '32
Mrs. Jeanne Hills Brandon '33
Ms. Gertrude A. Chamberlin '33
Mr. Arno J. Hangas '33
Mr. Paul W. Henderson '33
Mr. Grant Kramer '33
Mrs. Mary Daroska Osgood '33
Mrs. Margaret Durgin Sawyer '33
Mrs. Harriet Nutting Slack '33
Mr. Wadleigh W. Woods '33G
Mr. David Fellman '34
Mrs. Frances Robie Morse '34
Mr. Joseph P. Conner Jr. '35
Dr. Simon G. Markos '35
Mr. Maurice J. Moriarty '35, '36G
Mrs. Evelyn O'Brien Porter '35
Mr. John W. Reed '35
Mrs. Arlene Rowbotham Tibbetts '35
Mrs. Mary Bateman Barnard '36
Mr. Charles F. Cannell '36
Mrs. Nettie Maynard Farr '36
Mrs. Alice Hazlett Robinson '36
Mr. Spencer S. Rollins '36
Mrs. Janice Knapp Sawyer '36
Mr. Dexter C. Wright '36
Ms. Dorothy Buckley Colby '37
Mr. John J. Finn Jr. '37
Mrs. Madlon Pickett Karr '37
Ms. Betsey Vannah Carr '38
Dr. Alfred G. Chandler, M.D. '38
Ms. Ruth L. Greenough '38
Mrs. Florence Crosby Shepard '38, '39G
Mr. Carroll D. Stevens '38
Mr. John J. Korab '39
Mr. Joseph J. Nolan '39
Mrs. Olga Conon Stubbe '39, '41G
Mrs. Lilyan Marinel Welch '39
Mrs. Barbara Cram Whalen '39
Mr. Lloyd G. Coutts '40
Mrs. Ruth MacKenzie Gilman '40
Mrs. Merle Hadley Githens '40
Mr. Donald H. Wells '40
Mr. Benjamin F. Worcester '40
Mr. Neil C. Cates Jr. '41
Ms. Kate E. Chamberlin '41
Mr. Sumner Fellman '41
Mr. Richard E. Phenix '41
Mr. John P. Shaw '41
Mr. Robert A. Sweatt '41
Mr. Charles L. Brown Jr. '42
Mrs. Dorothy Willey Cousens '42
Mrs. Edna Mardigian Hagopian '42
Mrs. Violet Wilkins Long '42
Mr. Francis A. Noury '42
Mr. Jaroslaw J. Petryk '42
Mrs. Claire Richard Smith '42
Mr. George J. Bruni '43
Mr. George L. Frazer Jr. '43
Mrs. Edith Treanza Bickford '44
Ms. Helen Rzeznikiewicz Herbut '44
Mr. William F. King Jr. '44
Mr. Leslie E. Roberts '44
Mrs. Vita Boruchoff Wouk '44
Dr. Robert G. Bedard '45
Mr. Lewis F. Davis '45
Mrs. Norma O'Dowd Hartnett '45
Mrs. Helen Resseguie Smith '45
Mr. James S. Koromilas '46
Mr. Irving P. Cummings '47, '49G
Mr. Charles E. Hale '47
Mr. William R. Hauck '47
Mrs. Patricia Caron McNamara '47
Mrs. Nancy Neal Scroggins '47
Mr. Robert A. Kent '48
Ms. Stella Kyriacopoulos '48
Mr. Irvin W. Somero '48
Dr. Dorothy Kohl Gifford '49G
Mr. Helmut R. Lehmert '49
Mrs. Joyce Lothrop Littlefield '49
Mr. Rudolf J. Schroeder '49
Mr. William J. Buehner '50, '53G
Mr. Gerald J. Corson '50
Mr. Bernard H. Heath '50
Mrs. Joy Ahrendt Herriott '50
Mr. Philip E. Keenan '50
Mr. Norris J. Lane '50
Mr. Richard F. Shelly Jr. '50
Ms. Jane Maynard Ward '50
Mr. Edwin A. Blackey Jr. '51
Mrs. Genevieve Ford Carr '51
Dr. Leslie G. Clark '51, '55G
Mr. George Pouliopoulos '51
Mrs. Barbara Campbell Swanberg '51
Dr. Robert A. Wiles '51, '55G
Mr. Edward Drew '52
Mr. Philip J. Harrington '52
Mr. William J. Letoile Jr. '52
Mrs. Marion Perkins Smith '52
Mr. Raymond C. Laforce '53
Mr. Henry A. Fraser '54
Mr. Charles E. Jones '54
Ms. Gwendolyn J. Beane '55
Mr. Anthony P. Iasiello '55G
Mr. Alan L. Sumner '55
Mr. Robert A. Manville '56
Mr. Morris A. Lugliani '57
Mr. Donald S. McClintock '57
Mr. V. David Rogers Jr. '57, '68G
Mr. Richard F. Caldwell '58
Dr. Robert G. LeBlanc '59
Mr. E. Rogers Rutter '59, '61G
Mr. Roland F. Shackford '59
Mr. Charles A. Came II '60
Mr. G. N. Lambert '60
Mr. Charles A. Ludgate '60
Mr. Ernest D. Ellsworth '62, '71G
Mrs. Louise Laferriere Waltz '62
Ms. Julianna Hall '64
Mr. Stanley A. Miske Jr. '64
Mr. Robert L. Hill '65
Mrs. Aimee Morrissey Schramm '65
Mrs. Winnifred Moody Wingate '65G
Mr. Randolph W. Daniels '66
Mr. Scott S. Saunders '66
Mr. Bruce A. Stearns '67
Mrs. Dale Schurman O'Reilley '68
Mrs. Margaret Durkin Lawrence '69
Mr. Gerald F. Schaut '69G
Mr. Paul L. Stevens '69
Mr. Robert A. Wells '70
Mr. Douglas E. Shanley '72
Ms. Helen Slattery Vaughter '72
Mrs. Gail Palumbo Clukay '73
Ms. Janet Dill Duffy '73G
Mrs. Allegra Nelson Shepard '74
Mr. Kevin L. Dodd '76
Mr. Mark B. Gorman '76G, '83G
Mr. Peter J. Greenberg '76G, '85G
Mr. William K. Gum '77
Mr. Larry R. McEdward '77
Mr. Daniel J. Fitzpatrick '79
Mr. Russell F. Feener '80G
Mr. Chris B. Harrington '80
Mr. Jon C. Taylor '81
Mrs. Patricia M. Couture '82
Mr. Timothy C. Stout '83
Mrs. Claire St. Cyr Martin '84, '95G
Mrs. Beverly Brady Welch '84, '86
Ms. Mary A. Fenton '93G
Mr. Andrew Rutkowski '93
Ms. Carol G. Dechard '98
Mr. Corey C. Heider '98

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