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In Memoriam

Mrs. L. Dorothea Brummitt Hayes '24
Mrs. Isabelle Huntoon Eaton '29
Mrs. Evangeline Durgin Perkins '30
Lt. Col. Thomas B. Alexander, Ret. '31
Mrs. Marion Berquist Knox '31
Mr. Bernard J. Alpers '32
Mrs. Velna Kelso Gleason '32
Mr. John F. Roche '32
Mrs. F. Louise Davidson Henderson '34
Mrs. Alfreda Surowiec Keegan '34
Mrs. Edna Brown Mann '34
Mrs. Ruth Johnson Ronnquist '34
Mrs. Doris Lockwood Wright '34
Dr. Roger P. Brassard '35
Mr. Norman J. Grover '35
Mrs. Margaret Rhome Kauppinen '35
Ms. Eunice L. Thompson '35
Mr. Harold H. Wilkins '35
Mrs. Christine Duston Moore '36
Mr. Vincent P. Nossiff '36
Mr. John H. Palmer '36
Mrs. A. Dorothea Shanahan Brown '37
Dr. Joseph Naghski '38
Mr. C. Frederick Gilgun '39
Mr. Paul E. Horne '39
Dr. Laurence S. McLaughlin '39
Mr. George F. Small '39
Mr. Stanley T. Stoddard '39
Mr. Charles T. Sweeny, Jr. '39
Dr. John F. Archibald '40
Mr. Louis S. Gilman '40
Mrs. Rachael Cox Vincent '40
Mrs. Patricia Pattee Eckerd '41
Mrs. Ada Nudd Hayes '41
Mr. Stanley C. Rodgers '41
Mr. Robert O. Rowe '41
Mrs. M. Frances Witham Belknap '42
Mr. Roy F. Messer '42
Mr. Philip W. Richards '42
Mr. Edward L. Chase '43
Mr. Frank A. Churas '43
Mr. George C. Herrick '43
Ms. Etta Ford Leary '43
Mr. Ernest R. Ricker '43
Mr. Norman R. Deming '44
Dr. Norman L. Smith '44
Mrs. Betty Ladd Burbank '46
Mrs. Norma Murchie Lucas '46
Dr. David C. Marshall '46
Ms. Carolyn Leach Lawrence '47
Dr. Bernard P. Rosenblatt '47
Mr. Warren H. Allen, Jr. '48
Mr. Burton W. Cram '48
Mr. Thomas F. Houlihan '48
Mr. Robert W. McCrone '48
Ms. Ruth A. M. Schneider '48
Mr. Roy M. Whelden, Jr. '48
Mr. Robert E. Barrett '49
Mr. Herman E. Burt '49
Col. John E. Cobb, Jr., Ret. '49
Mr. Donald T. Gay '49
Mr. Arthur A. Goldsmith, Jr. '49
Mr. Joseph J. Gorman '49
Mr. Clifford B. Ham '49
Maj. Nicholas J. Raftopoulos '49
Mr. Elmer A. Shattuck '49
Mr. Charles F. Whittemore '49
Mr. Joseph Z. Badasarian '50
Mr. Leo J. Elias '50
Mr. Daniel J. Hughes, Jr. '50
Mr. Raymond H. Marshall '50
Mrs. Alma Jurgenson Bowles '51
Mr. Richard H. Dodge '51
Mr. Lewis J. Fusegni '51
Mr. Raymond W. Towle '51
Mrs. Beatrice Ray Bamford H'52
Mr. Leo F. Duffy, Jr. '52
Mrs. Constance Ballentine Merrill '52
Mr. William C. Jerome, Jr. '54
Mr. George N. McKinnon '54
Miss Anna E. Shaddinger '54
Mr. Douglas M. Leslie '55
Mrs. Dorothee Carousso McKinnon '55
Mr. Gordon E. Penney '55
Mrs. Isabel Rhome Roy '55
Mr. Kenneth J. Russell '55
Miss Alice W. Stone '55
Mr. Fred E. Schneider, Jr. '56
Mrs. Carmita Cameron Murphy '57
Dr. Joseph G. Barrat, Jr. '58
Mr. James G. Clark '58
The Hon. Maurice E. Goulet '58
Mr. Paul W. Hanson '59
Mr. Frank D. Hughes, Jr. '59
Mr. Kempton B. Kocha '59
Mr. Robert C. Rand '59
Mr. Martin I. Elkin '60
Mr. Clifford F. Lehman '60
Mr. Stephen D. Wheeler '60
Mr. Paul A. Lindquist '61
Mr. Thomas B. Curren '62
Mrs. Carol Sweetser Ferriter '62
Mr. Richard C. Pecunies '62
Dr. Louis M. Giantris '64
Mr. Larry J. Brunelle '65
Mr. Wesley N. Tiffney, Jr. '65
Mr. Frank W. Huston '67
Mr. Ronald P. Knee II '68
Ms. Virginia M. Anderson '69
Mr. Robert E. Gerry '69
Mr. Carl M. Isham '69
Mr. Michael A. Tatistcheff '69
Mrs. Ruby Richards Pearson '70
Mr. Paul E. Shepard '70
Mrs. Alberta Gilman Avery '71
Dr. Richard E. Keegan '71
Ms. Carole Chapin '72
Mr. Gerald A. Holmes '72
Ms. R. Claire McMeans '72
Ms. Naida C. Nixon '72
Dr. Catherine L. Matchett '73
Ms. Sarah Gibb-Latawiec '74
Lt. Cmdr. Susan Whalen Anderson '75
Mr. Stephen L. Hussey '76
Mr. Raymond U. Lambert '76
Mr. Richard E. Dubois '77
Mr. Fred W. Young '77
Ms. Francine S. Fortier '78
Mr. David A. Huebner '81
Mrs. Gertrude F. Devine '83
Mr. David A. Lambarth '83
Ms. Christina M. Savage '83
Mrs. Barbara Yergeau Ballard '84
Mr. Jeffrey P. Shaw '92
Mr. William E. Britton, Sr. '94
Mr. Nicholas Frid '07

William L. Prince '30

William L. Prince '30 died Dec. 5. He was 95.

Prince graduated with a B.A. degree in English from UNH, and taught English at Norton (Mass.) High School until 1937, when he joined the Raymond-Whitcomb travel agency. After a stint with the Civilian Conservation Camps, he joined the American Red Cross and served in London and Paris as the director of field services for the European Theater of Operations. After World War II, Prince became the first elected full-time secretary of the UNH Alumni Association. In 1956, he was named director of development for the University of Chattanooga. He joined the public relations firm Marts & Lundy in 1969, and retired in 1973.

He was the 1930 class president for many years, served as president of the UNH President's Council, and was awarded the Alumni Meritorious Service Award.

He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Millicent Eda Callahan Prince '30 and many Canadian cousins.

L. Franklin Heald '39

L. Franklin "Frank" Heald died Aug. 30. A member of the Class of 1939, he was 86.

Heald graduated from UNH with a B.A. degree in political science. A lieutenant commander in the Naval Reserve during World War II, he joined UNH in 1948, heading up the News Bureau and serving as editor of the Alumnus. He retired in 1993.

His many volunteer activities included serving as the official UNH carilloneur for 50 years and photographer for the Durham police department. He and his first wife, Helen, offered many UNH students food and friendship.

He is survived by his wife, Glenys; son James; daughter Mary Menzies; brother James '41; stepdaughters Debra Davis, Glenys Taylor, and Dani Clark; stepsons John and Carl Davis; and several grandchildren.

Marietta Carr '47

Marietta Carr died Aug. 8. She was 78.

Carr received a B.S. in zoology from UNH and worked at a number of hospitals before joining Abbott Laboratories North Chicago in 1967. She was named the first woman manager at Abbott in 1968. She joined Alpha Therapeutic Corp., where she was vice president of regulatory affairs—the first woman vice president of a pharmaceutical company—from 1978 to her retirement in 1990.

She is survived by her nephew, Geoffrey Carr; nieces and cousins. Memorial contributions may be made to the Marietta "Penny" and Jane Carr Endowed Fund c/o The UNH Foundation, 9 Edgewood Road, Durham, NH 03824.

James H. Trainor '58, '59G, '64G

James H. Trainor died Oct. 4. He was 68.

Trainor earned a B.S. and M.S. in physics from UNH, and in 1964 was the first student to earn a Ph.D. in physics from UNH. He then joined Goddard Space Flight Center, and over the course of a long and distinguished career was head of the Instrument Branch, associate chief of the Laboratory for High Energy and director of Space and Earth Sciences. He received a number of awards from NASA, including the Distinguished Executive Presidential Award, presented by President George H. Bush in 1991.

He is survived by his wife, Mary Mirijanian Trainor '60; son Douglas; and daughter Jennifer.

Linnea Erickson '03

Linnea Erickson '03 died on Oct. 26 in a mountain-climbing accident. She was 22.

An outdoor education major, Erickson graduated in 2003. She was a member of the New Hampshire Outing Club and the UNH Choir, and attended the EcoQuest study abroad program in New Zealand and the National Outdoor Leadership School program in Chile. Several memorial services for Erickson were held by UNH groups. In New Zealand, two Titoki trees were planted in her memory.

Michael DePorte, professor emeritus

Michael DePorte died on Dec. 9 of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was 64.

DePorte earned a B.A. from the University of Minnesota, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in English and humanities from Stanford. He taught for seven years at the University of Chicago before joining the UNH English department in 1972. He was the chair of the English department for 10 years.

DePorte was internationally known as an authority on Jonathan Swift. He was also an artist whose pen-and-ink drawings were frequently published and exhibited. DePorte received UNH's first Lindberg Award in 1986.

He is survived by his wife, Judy Lindberg; daughters Catherine and Rebecca; stepson Peter Jon Lindberg; brother David; and two grandchildren. Scholarship and book funds are being set up in his memory. For more information, call (603) 862-2040 or e-mail

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