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"I've yet to meet anyone in New Hampshire who didn't genuinely like the Petersons, perhaps because they exude the spirit of Will Rogers' observation that he 'never met a man he didn't like,'" said President Mark Huddleston in October as Walter and Dorothy Peterson, right, received the 2010 Hubbard Family Award for Service to Philanthropy, the UNH Foundation's highest award. "They are rare and wonderful human beings." Walter Peterson is a former New Hampshire governor, UNH interim president and USNH trustee; Dorothy Peterson is a longtime volunteer in their community. Also in October, John "Jack" Weeks Jr. '55 received the Volunteer of the Year Award to recognize a lifetime of exemplary service to UNH. Weeks served on the alumni board, and was a founding member of the UNH Foundation board and an elected USNH trustee. Weeks and his wife, Pat, are avid supporters of 4-H and UNH athletics.

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