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Relevancy Debated

The UNH Magazine is published and sent to all alumni to keep us abreast of the many things that alumni, students and faculty are involved in. The two articles that Richard Daggett Lynde '57 mentioned ("Broadway Bound," "Be Still My Heart," Spring 2010) may not have been "relevant to most readers" but they certainly were interesting and informative to many of us. I hope that you will continue to publish articles similar to those you have published in the past--I read every article and have learned an awful lot about things that I may not have initially thought were "relevant."

I thought it was ironic that you printed a letter to the editor decrying the article about the alum who died in a canoe accident in the last issue ("Be Still My Heart," Spring 2010). I thought that was the best article I ever read in the magazine, and was completely appropriate to be included.

Go Blue

I noticed a familiar photo in the UNH Magazine, Fall 2010. My wife and I are in this photo and I remember it well. You are incorrect about the date--it was taken at Homecoming 1979. I still have the original page of The New Hampshire!

Editor's note: You're correct--our apologies for the error. The photo, taken by George Newton '81, appeared in the Oct. 23, 1979, issue.

John McConnell
CAUGHT: Alumni identified in this Oct. 23, 1979, photo are, clockwise from front, Kim Myers Churas '82, John Churas '80, Ray DeFeo '81, Bill Slanetz '50 and Bob Slanetz '58. Writing in with names were Kim Myers Churas '82, John Churas '80, Tom O'Shea '82 and Lyn Kuntz Slanetz '58. Additional names are welcome: E-mail alumni.editor@unh.edu. For a larger photo, click here.

I was thrilled to see the photo of the Go Blue hats in Class Notes. While not pictured in the shot, I was the seller of the hats, which were produced by my friend Andy James '83. Looks like I made a lot of money that day!

My late husband, Bob Slanetz '58, and his brother, Bill Slanetz '50, are in the photo. They both were lacrosse players for UNH during their college careers. I always look forward to reading your magazine, which I do--from cover to cover.

The Best Four Years

I found this issue to be one of your best and it arrived at a time when it felt good to curl up with a hot cup of coffee in a quiet place and return to UNH, where I always felt safe. I always look forward to delving in and reliving the best four years of my life. This issue, in particular, made me realize why I stay connected to UNH and Durham. I was born and raised in Durham and have fond memories and a great love for the town and the university. The alumni magazine keeps me updated on how UNH has grown and where it is going in the future. I'm proud to be an alumna! I always learn something new reading the magazine and I appreciate the hard work that is put into it to make it better each time.

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