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For many students, one of the best parts of college is studying abroad.
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When UNH students study abroad, they have more than 800 programs to choose from in 39 different countries, from Argentina to Tanzania. And the 700 or more students who travel each year all have different motivations for going. Some are very focused, like Ashley Barber '08, who used a UNH Undergraduate Research Opportunity Grant to study midwifery in Ghana. Others don't even have a particular continent in mind when they begin the process, says Jeff Sherman '11G, a study-abroad adviser at UNH's Center for International Education. But they all come back with a new perspective. With very few exceptions, they've had an amazing time, says Sherman, who's spoken with hundreds of students both before and after they travel. "They've had huge personal growth, become more independent and adaptable—and it's the highlight of their four years of college."

For the past six years, the center has invited returning students to enter their favorite photos in a contest each semester. We invite readers to catch a glimpse of the world through the eyes—and camera lenses—of these young world travelers.

See a high resolution slideshow and other photos from students studying abroad.

In their own words:
"Many of the children didn't speak Spanish—only the indigenous language Quechua—so we communicated with photography instead."
—Allie Collopy '10

"The bus driver told us there was a trail with an amazing view nearby, but said we didn't have time to see it. Still, my friend and I were determined, so we sprinted, took some pictures and got back just before the bus left. The views were well worth the chance of being left behind."
—Karah Johnson '11

"When we canoed along the Amazon River, this man called to us. He threw a cat out his window and let it drop right into the river. We were all shocked. He laughed and said, "It's OK. I'll go get more cats!" He thre more and more cats out the window. The cats didn't seem to mind—the shook off the water and strolled right back inside to him."
—Emily Dresel '10
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