Mountain Men: They Served Bookmark and Share

Ernest Pederson '30*
Russell Martin '38*
Nelson Bennett '40
Paul Townsend '41*
Curtis Chase '44
Stephen Knowlton '45*
Andrew Hastings '46, '50G*
Clifford H. Perkins Jr. '46*
Burton Cram '48*
Richard McCrudden '48
Francis Crowley '49
David Dupee '51*
G. Robert Lange '49*
Richard Mansfield '49, '50G
Ralph Townsend '49, '53G*
James Stewart '51G*
Thaddeus Thorne '51
Philip Hoyt '52, '58G*
Kenneth Marrer '60G*

* Deceased

Editor's note: UNH does not have a comprehensive record of alumni who served in the 10th Mountain Division during World War II. If you can add names to this list, please send us a note at alumni.editor@unh.edu.

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