Letters to the Editor

High Praise, Mostly

I noticed an article in the Campus Currents section of your magazine titled "UNH on Top of the World" in which your editors wondered how a Sherpa guide came to be wearing a UNH sweatshirt on top of Mount Everest. The editors guessed about a possible source—the UNH research team that visited Nepal last year. I think I might have a better answer.

Norbu Tenzing '86 was a UNH student; he was the son of Tenzing Norgay, the man who first reached the summit of Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary. Norbu and I played volleyball together on the UNH men's volleyball club in 1984-85. His father died while we were teammates, or soon after, and Norbu went home and didn't return. I'm not sure if Norbu has been to Everest, but his brother recently starred in the IMAX film about Everest, and this seems a more likely way that the Sherpa ended up wearing a UNH sweatshirt.

Congratulations to all who put together the inaugural issue of our new magazine, which is colorful, informative and interesting, unlike its stodgy predecessor, The New Hampshire Alumnus. The University richly deserves such a high-quality publication, and its snappy style and attractive layout should draw in readers other than alumni and Durhamites.

Ideally, it will also serve both as a recruiter of talented students and as a fundraiser from graduates and corporations alike.

Recently, national magazines have ranked UNH at a very high level among peer institutions. Future issues of University of New Hampshire Magazine should make ample mention of these notices, as well as serving to emphasize the achievements of all connected with this great school. Keep up the good work!

I want to commend you on the beautiful and very interesting and informative magazine which you published.

I am extremely concerned, however, that you have chosen to send a magazine to each person on campus. It seems to me to be an unnecessary drain on our natural resources and indeed, threatening the very beauty which you glorify on your front and back covers.

I just received and read (cover to cover) my first issue of the University of New Hampshire Magazine. Congratulations on a great magazine! This is without a doubt the best UNH alumni publication I have read. The articles were professional, interesting, diverse, and entertaining. I feel like I'm getting a broad picture of what UNH is like today. This is exactly what alumni need to feel connected to the University.

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