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In Memoriam

Mrs. Myrtle Johnson Stoddard, '17
Mr. George N. Blatchford, '18
Mr. Francis T. Hunt, '23
Mrs. Harriet Merchant Perkins, '24
Mr. Maurice S. Nelson, '25
Mr. Earle H. Clay, '26
Mr. Frank B. Moody, '27
Mr. Linwood A. Wright, '27
Mrs. Virginia McCrillis Abbiati, '28
Mrs. Dorothy Orchard Butler, '28
Mrs. Willena Burpee Kilton, '28
Mr. Richard S. Ricciardi, '28
Mr. Louis J. Sebra, '28
Mrs. Mary Barker Carson, '29
Mr. Theodore Elliott, '29
Mr. John R. Hanson, '29
Mrs. Ruth Morrill Hanson, '29
Mrs. Dorothy Ballou Nedeau, '29
Mrs. Ruth Harris Davis, '30
Mr. Richard A. Fitzgerald, '30
Mrs. Ruth Towle Morrill, '30
Mr. Thomas K. Roy, '30
Dr. Alfred H. Taylor, '30
Mr. Eugene S. Winkler, '30
Mrs. Edith Stevens Betz, '31
Mrs. Geraldine Follansbee Faeh, '31
Brig. Gen. Edward J. Haseltine, Ret., '31
Mr. Brownlow L. Thompson, '31
Mr. Frederick E. deLude, '31
Mr. Raymond R. Richard, '32
Mrs. Janet Babcock Jaques, '33
Mrs. Jessie Shaver Jones, '33
Mr. Paul H. Cooper, '34
Mr. Cornelius T. Morin, '34
Mr. Eliot Priest, '34
Mrs. Ella Rollins Little, '35
Mr. George P. Patriquin, '35
Ms. Loretto G. Dolan, '36
Mr. James L. Shields, '36
Mr. Frank W. Fernald, '37
Mr. John C. Gammell, '37
Mr. James J. Gonichon, '37
Mr. Thomas C. Keith, '37
Mrs. Lucile True Couch, '38
Mr. Donald T. Hillier, '38
Dr. Robert Jenness, '38
Mr. Frederick A. McLaughlin, '38
Mr. Herbert G. Armstrong, '39
Mrs. Greta Maddox Benoit, '39
Mr. Arthur D. Bishop, '39
Mrs. Louise Casey Dorgan, '39
Mrs. Madeleine Caldwell Morrill, '39
Mr. Harry F. Wood, Jr., '39
Mr. Franklin A. Carey, '40
Dr. Ralph Livingston, '40
Mr. Robert A. Low, '40
Mr. Richard F. Nellson, '40
Mr. Donald C. Palmer, '40
Mr. Arthur G. Theros, '40
Mrs. Eleanor Woodbury Barron, '41
Mr. Walter A. Bodwell, '41
Capt. Ralph W. Hart, Ret., '41
Mrs. Dorothy King Moody, '41
Mrs. Virginia Percy Nellson, '41
Mrs. Ann Nancy Grimes Etelman, '42
Ms. Theo Lylis, '42
Mr. Robert S. Morrell, '42H
Mr. Irving C. Flanders, '43
Mr. Arthur C. Murphy, '43
Mr. Austin E. Bennett, '44
Mr. Robert S. Coker, '44
Mrs. Virginia Fall Small, '44
Lt. Col. Thornton N. Weeks, Ret., '46
Col. Lewis C. Spinney, Ret., '47
Mr. Earl H. Whitney, '47
Mr. Lansing P. Mallett, Jr., '48
Dr. Rocco Raduazo, '48
Ms. Marjorie Sullivan Sharpe, '48
Mrs. Eleanor Bartlett Arlosky, '49
Mr. Albert V. Fisher III, '49
Mr. John J. Galvin, '49
Mrs. Marion Quimby Johnson, '49
Mr. William R. Powers, '49
Dr. Edwin A. Jamback, '50
Mr. William C. Whitman, '50
Mr. David A. Dearborn, '51
Mr. Vincent J. Grande, '51
Mrs. Barbara Kern Fechter, '52
Mrs. Shirley Holden Lovely, '52
Mrs. Nancy Cole Herman, '53
Mr. Joseph H. Pouliot, '54
Mr. Richard L. Taylor, '54
Mrs. Martha Grace Travis, '54
Mr. Webster E. Bridges, Jr., '55
Mrs. Marjorie Tobey Davis, '55
Mrs. Anne Connary White, '55
Mr. Daniel P. Haskins, '59
Mr. Chrysostomas C. Agrafiotis, '60
Mrs. Deborah Boyd Winsor, '60
Mrs. Bonnie Bouchard Michaud, '62
Mrs. Heloise Hemon Davis, '63
Mr. Kenneth M. Gorrell, '65
Mrs. Joann Sheppard Lothrop, '67
Mrs. Pamela Coughlin Peacock, '69
Mr. Duncan Bruce, Jr., '70
Ms. Patricia E. Murphy, '70
Ms. Donna L. DiMarzio, '71
Mr. Michiel J. Polak, '72
Mrs. Mary Parker Collins, '73
Mrs. Lizabeth Cote MacPherson, '77
Mr. Neil F. Hammer, '78
Mr. David C. MacPherson, '78
Mrs. Vera Cook Hill, '79
Mrs. H. Carlin Ossenbruggen, '79
Mr. Dana E. Kellogg, '84
Mrs. Robin Callahan Noyes, '85
Mr. Simon C. Harrold, '94

John Beckett '16H,
Professor Emeritus

John A. Beckett, a distinguished teacher, author and consultant, died Aug. 11, 1998. He was 82.

Beckett received a bachelor of science degree from the University of Oregon in 1939 and a master's degree from Harvard Business School in 1946. He was an honorary member of UNH's Class of 1916.

Following service in the U.S. Army during World War II, he taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology until 1952. At UNH, he served as the first Forbes Professor of Management at the Whittemore School of Business, a position he held for 19 years. He retired in 1981.

The author and co-author of three books on management and accounting, Beckett also served on numerous committees and as a consultant to corporations across the country. During the Eisenhower administration, he was assistant director of the Bureau of the Budget.

Intrigued with different cultural perspectives, Beckett and his wife, Elizabeth Debusk Beckett '72, traveled extensively, including four trips to China. Chinese students he met there visited the U.S. for study under his sponsorship.

A friend and colleague, Manley Irwin, professor emeritus of economics, recalled that Beckett would host interdisciplinary seminars at his home. "Here was a place where strangers became colleagues, and colleagues, friends," said Irwin.

A fund, the John A. Beckett Writing Prize, was established in his honor. In addition to his wife, he is survived by two daughters, Ann Meredith Beckett Immel and Kathleen Beckett Day '69, a son, J.Thomas Beckett, and six grandchildren.

Stanley D. Hettinger

Stanley D. Hettinger, former UNH director of bands and a retired associate professor of music, died Sept. 17, 1998 at the age of 66.

Hettinger earned a bachelor's degree from Ohio State University and a master's degree from Vandercook College. From 1956 to 1958, he was an Air Force fighter pilot, and from 1968 to 1992, served as a pilot with the Air National Guard at the former Pease Air Force Base. He joined the UNH department of music in 1965, and retired due to poor health two years ago.

Hettinger was a member of numerous band directors' organizations, was founder and director of the American Chamber Winds, and was artistic director of the Strafford County Wind Symphony. He received many regional and national awards, including the New Hampshire Music Educator of the Year in 1989 and the Outstanding Band Director Award in 1995.

He is survived by his wife, Cynthia Hazzard-Hettinger '66, his stepfather, Joseph DePaola, a son, Lawrence J. Hettinger '78, six daughters, Laura Sante, Linda Gombar, Teresa Laney '83, Kathryn Comtois, Julia Hettinger and Nicole Ward, a brother, Vincent DePaola, a sister, Marilyn Runtas, and 13 grandchildren.

Thomas L. Gallant

Thomas L. "Tommy" Gallant, a well-known jazz pianist who ran jazz workshops at UNH and participated in the UNH Traditional Jazz Series, died Sept. 28, 1998. He was 63.

Gallant studied piano at UNH and music theory at Berklee College of Music, and then served in the U.S. Marines before beginning a long career as a jazz musician, promoter and educator. For 30 years, he was a faculty member at Phillips Exeter Academy, where he taught jazz improvisation piano and directed the stage band.

A fund, the Tom Gallant Memorial Scholarship Fund, has been established in his name.

He is survived by his wife, Patricia Danforth '82, three daughters, Ialeen Purington, Kathleen Boisclair and Noreen Burdick, stepdaughters Julie Keraghan and Suzanne Danforth, stepson Richard Danforth, his mother, Doris Gallant, a sister, Judith Gallant, and eight grandchildren.

Jennifer Hill '94

Jennifer Hill, a 1994 UNH graduate who waged a courageous fight against brain cancer with the help of a group of UNH alumni and friends called "Jen's Friends," died Nov. 2, 1998. She was 26.

Hill, a part-time park ranger and a graduate student in elementary education, became ill in May 1998. In October, Jen's Friends raised $54,000 at a "Climb Against Cancer" to help Hill, and others in the Mt. Washington region who lack medical insurance, fight cancer.

She is survived by her parents, Arthur and Leona Hil, companion Christopher Lewey '82, four brothers, Brian A. Hill '88, Arthur R. Hill Jr., Tom Hill, Douglas Hill '92, and many other relatives.

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