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Campus Currents

Spring 2012:
Motivated by Obstacles: Brooks Payette '12 wins a Truman Scholarship
Changes to Campus Debated: A proposed update to the campus master plan draws concern, and praise.
Remembering Karen: Louise Von Damm, creates three lasting testaments in the memory of her daughter, Karen L. Von Damm.
Not So Ancient History: Students look for archaeology relics on campus
A Pond Named What?: Highlighting an offensive name, a student helps get it changed
Lexicon, 2012: Joggler, meme and @PrezHuddleston
Oh, to Be in England: Seven UNHers compete in Olympic trials
Masters of Stringed Instruments: Best friends tie for first in the national archery championships
Worth Repeating: Quotes from around UNH
Sports News
Pop Quiz: What American national memorial could be called "Three Surveyors and Another Guy"?
Winter 2012:
High-Five Exchange: A college experience for Wildcat Friends
New Hampshire Icon: Eugene Savage '58H, '80P, '90P received the Alumni Association's most prestigious award, the Pettee Medal
Maples Get a Closer Look, Thanks to a Gift
Campus News: Greek Ups and Downs; Budget Update; "UNH Today" Goes Weekly
Tracking Nasty Neutrons: A deep-space gamma-ray telescope can help find dirty bombs
Please Don't Breathe: Photography students get a lesson in a 19th-century art
Masters of the Sweet Spot: Club golf has got its game together, and then some
A Season of Records: Field hockey chalks up an America East championship
Football Heartbreaker : Football made its seventh trip in eight years to the NCAA Division I FCS tournament
Now It's National: UNH's Operation Hat Trick expands to more than 30 colleges
Pop Quiz: Franklin D. Roosevelt and trains
Fall 2011:
Two Books, One Mountain: Ann Joslin Williams '80, '90G makes her father's fictional landscape her own
UNH Addresses State Budget Cuts: Plans for revenue-raising programs on a fast track
Austrian Gold: Bringing home one silver and two gold medals
Lessons Learned: David Cote '76, chairman and CEO of Honeywell, speaks at commencement
Gardening 101 for the Class of 2026: A joint program to turn city kids into lifelong gardeners
Light Heavyweight: A UNH spinoff company works on flexible white light sources
Bringing It Home: Men's volleyball wins national championship
Seed Money: A Peace Corps project inspires a new song
Prepped to Play: Football focuses on a varied repertoire
An October to Remember: UNH football will play UMass in Gillette Stadium
Pop Quiz: The most recycled material in the United States
Spring 2011:
State Funding Crisis: Faced with a proposed cut in state revenue, UNH puts its core mission first
Giving Old Couches a Second Life: Trash 2 Treasure will help give used dorm furnishings a new life
The Birthday Boy (205 and Counting) Writes a Letter: Alumni wish Ben Thompson happy birthday
Jump Start: From a tiny flea comes a big breakthrough
Treasure Island: Sustainable energy gets an offshore foothold
Seed Money: A Peace Corps project inspires a new song
Anchors Aweigh: UNH's sailing team rebounds from a fire
Got Game: Interest in club hockey explodes
Sports Wrap-Up :
Winter 2011:
Catbird Seat: Visit campus via the new webcam
Blown Away: The largest wind tunnel of its kind has lots of applications
Grass Roots: A green idea born at UNH becomes a local business
Named: UNH's marine research facilities were named to honor outgoing Senator Judd Gregg
Beacons of Civility: Walter and Dorothy Peterson receive the 2010 Hubbard Family Award for Service to Philanthropy
The Boarding House Reach and Other Perils: Sigma Phi Epsilon takes a lesson in manners
Coordinated Reflexes: Three senior hockey players find they can anticipate each other
Aiming High: Cheerleading looks to the nationals
Fall 2010:
First String: UNH helps fill a gap in music education
Light Work: Symbiosis in a squid may help humans fight disease
West Meets East: A Chinese language camp is just the start of UNH's new partnership with China
No Way. Ballet?: Twice a year, dudes are invited to dance
The Contenders: Football gears up for a competitive season
Woodsmen, Don't Spare That Tree: A sport that keeps traditional lumberjack skills alive
Echoes of the Holocaust
Treewalk Podcast
'Cats Get an App: A new, free iPhone and iPad app is available provides game results and more
Spring 2010:
'The Writer' Raises the Stakes: A remarkable painting by a New Hampshire native headlines the art museum's auction
Testing the Water: A one-week course for would-be marine biologists
Law Partners
To Outsource or Not to Outsource: Kholekile Gwebu asks the question, and looks for an answer
Capsized, Sailing Team Plans To Rebuild
He Made it Look Easy: Charlie Holt is awarded the the 2010 Legend of Hockey
Nostalgic for New Hampshire?: Christian Wisecarver '00 posted a Jay-Z rap parody called "Granite State of Mind"
Thrills, Not Spills: Gymnasts like the rush
Rivals: Healthy competition gives men's soccer its edge
Sports Highlights
Winter 2010:
Germ Warfare, With Silver and Copper: Making fabric that could be used to combat infections in hospitals.
Bringing It Home: Game, fans, weather all conspire for perfection at Homecoming
Learning to Speak Through Art : An innovative art-and-writing process blossoms
Chasing Gold, and Goals: Women's hockey, and an alum, charge after a medal and a championship
A Rising Tide : Tourism students learn how to steer a real-life business
Good Clean Fun: Sportsmanship is key to Ultimate Frisbee
Hitting the Books: Jackie Boyle MacMullan '82 meets fans at a book-signing session
Never A Day Without A Line: A new book about Don Murray '48
Campus News
Sports News
Fall 2009:
Fiction Contest: Enter the 2010 Fiction Contest with an unpublished short story
Garage Band: Students build a Formula One-type race car
Light on Their Feet: The New England Carbon Challenge
To Iraq and Back: A former embedded writer tackles English 401
A Field of Hopes and Dreams: The legacy of Gail Bigglestone '60 lives on
The Active Voice: Shot put, discus, and javelin throwers give it their all
Football Starts Strong: A young offensive line begins to come together
Spring 2009:
Work in Progress: Seniors scramble to find employment in a downturn
Sky-High Gardens Growing Strong
The Hard Way to the Big Easy: Class is in session--please pick up your hammer
High Notes: Not Too Sharp raises funds by raising the roof
Telecommute Route: Collecting data at the South Pole from afar
The Ultimate Team Sport: Crew means putting the race first
Playing a Waiting Game: Surgery threatens to end a talented lacrosse player's career
The High and the Low, Overnight:In the men's hockey playoffs, victory or defeat hinged on one flick of the puck.

Winter 2009:
Big Ice, Up Close: Annette Grace Schloss '90G, '97G on the film "Ice Worlds"
Trayless Tuesdays: Students learn to live--and eat--without a cafeteria tray
ROI=$1.3 Billion: UNH is a driver and stabilizing force in the New Hampshire economy
The Art of Hanging On: UNHers excel in the "most fun" race of all
A Chicken in Every Pot: The need for food baskets extends beyond the holidays
Nowhere But Up: A new sports club gives climbers a helping hand
High Level Running: UNH's top cross-country runners learn how to pace themselves
UNH Updates: Zhejiang Ocean University exchange agreement; possible merger with Franklin Pierce Law Center; e-feedback; Freshman Camp replaced
Sports Wrap-Up

Fall 2008:
Encouraging Young Leaders: A gift of scholarships for top New Hampshire students.
Second Life: As the trains return, the UNH Dairy Bar gets a makeover.
Fun and Games: An unusual genesis for a supercomputer
Fourth Time's the Charm: Joanne Duffley Dow '96, Olympic racewalker
Turtle Tourists: Tagged leatherbacks tell their secrets
It is Rocket Science: The challenge: build a satellite that fits in a can
Code Blue: A UNH senior works on the Hadron Collider
Propulsion Techniques: Allison Yost '10 uses her head
A New Wildcat Quarterback Picks Up Where Santos Left Off

Spring 2008:
The Next Giant Leap: Speaking at UNH, astronaut Lee Morin '74 aims for the moon and beyond.
A Sustainable Soap Box: Marketing a local product, UNHM students get all lathered up.
Thinking About Linking: UNH professor makes it easier to do business
The Doctor Is In: And out in the field, too.
Energy Captains: The fellows with a finger on UNH's temperature.
Getting Along Swimmingly
Fickle Seasons: Hockey stopped in the NCAAs
No Pain, No Gain: Men's lacrosse players shrug off injuries
Winter 2008:
Pipe Dream Becomes a Reality: Methane from a landfill will cut UNH's energy costs and emissions.
Bringing It Home: To experience homelessness, try sleeping in a soggy box
Learning That Walls Can Be in the Mind
Home Cooking: Bake at 350 degrees; serves 6,000.
Drawing on the State's Natural Resources: Thousands eat sustainably grown local food at annual dinner.
Four Years, Four Trips to the National Playoffs
Happy New Year: Women's hockey is No. 1 for four weeks

Fall 2007:

Act Like Me: A social change troupe shows how choices matter.
You There, the Professor in the Back Row: Computer scientists Dan Bergeron and Philip Hatcher go back to school
Tall in the Saddle: Learning to ride, children with disabilities feel they can fly.
Dolphin Defense: Tech 797 students devise a way to save the La Plata.
Be Prepared: Kristin Cole takes over women's basketball.
Numbers Game: The 'Cats set records on the field and in the classroom.

Spring 2007:

UNH's 19th President Selected: Dr. Mark Huddleston arrives in June from Ohio Wesleyan.
Sampler Showcase: UNH's collections get a rare outing.
Plug and Play: Getting ready for nearly 340 undecillion Internet addresses.
In a Box, Thinking: Cubicle survival is mind over partition.
Signs of the Times: Stop! No! Help! say talking hands.
Tripped Up in the Playoffs
Scrum Fun: Women's rugby is physical.
Vigil and Vigilance: UNH pays tribute to Virginia Tech.
Two Million-Dollar Gifts: Thomas P. Putnam and Edward A. Fish '58 give to UNH.
Two Prizes: UNH Magazine has won two awards for the quality of its writing.
Signs of the Times: Stop! No! Help! say talking hands

Winter 2007:

Animal Magnetism: Suddenly, there's a new 'Cat on the corner.
       Web extra: An interview with the wildcat sculptor, Matthew Gray Palmer.
Dining as Destiny: With age comes dietary wisdom
Hare Raising: A habitat to help rabbits breed like, well, rabbits.
Greater Expectations: Men's and women's hockey teams are gathering momentum.
They've Got Rhythm: There's never a last tango in Durham.
Home is Where the Huddle is: Fans turned out for football's record-breaking season.

Fall 2006:

The Hardest Lesson: Mike O'Malley '88 delivered commencement wisdom.
'A Lot Left To Do': 'Lost Boys' graduate, but their goals are far from accomplished
A Different Ball Game: The college senior making headlines for his football prowess.
Talk to Me: Helping to create a written record helps save a language.
Life is Suite: A record freshman class highlights the need for new dorms.
They're Game: Men's basketball shoots high.
Dust Off that Half-Finished Novel: UNH's new three-year Master of Fine Arts in Writing program.

Spring 2006:

Defying Gravity: To compete in a hoverally, first design and build a hovercraft.
Hart Departs: President accepts top job at Temple.
Stage Direction: Running for Miss USA competition has benefits.
Che Bellezza: Rare Italian prints go on display.
Sgt. MannersNew Grads face the terror of the interview lunch.
Wait 'til Next YearWomen's ice hockey sets records but wants more.

Winter 2006:

Comfortable in the Fast Lane: Junior Laurie Stephens has pushed herself to become a monoskiing champion.
Big, Bronze and Bodacious: UNH's mascot is about to appear in a brand new incarnation.
A Surprise Gift from an Unassuming Source: A modest Massachusetts couple leaves millions to UNH.
UNH Football Comes This Close: They may have suffered a narrow defeat, but the Wildcats are award winners.
Help that Goes in Both Directions: At SteppingStones, UNH volunteers learn from teaching.
A Cutting-Edge Sawmill: UNH brings its sawmill up to 21st-century stadards.

Fall 2005:

Risking Joy: At UNH's Browne Center, healing begins with adventure.
Blanket Party: UNH students and Durham community members alike are knitting afghans for Afghans.
Come Right In, the Web is Fine: Step through the electronic doorway of blackboard.
Drain Brains: UNH researchers test storm water systems.
Seeking the Tsunami's Source: UNH researchers find earthquake evidence at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
No Bears Need Apply: Wanted: a wildcat mascott. Must sweat invisibly and give ample hugs.

Spring 2005:

Mother Knows Best: Indira "Dee" Henley '05 is committed to helping students recycle.
Pooled Resources Pay Off: In competitive swimming team building is more important than one might expect.
Not Just a Talking Head: Business executives have an opportunity for interaction at CEO Forum.
Break with Tradition: For her Spring vacation, Jessica D'Avanza '06 is literally breaking ground.
Class Warfare, with Lofty Goals: Engineering students build Medieval siege engines.
Marine Mavens: UNH hosts an ocean science bee.

Winter 2005:

Sweet September Suprise: Quarterback Ricky Santos leads the Wildcats to an unexpected victory.
Lucky Leaves: Start placing your bets: the gingko trees are ready to let it all loose..
Life's a Ball: Michael Moschen juggles the whole world in his hands.
Apart No More: UNH students, professors, and local activists help reunite the Simwerayi family.
Leagues Ahead, Technically Speaking: New Hampshire girls hit the Lego League.
Do Pay Attention to that Man behind the Curtain: Look closer, Dorothy: Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Murray is someone just like the rest of us.

Fall 2004:

Go West, Young People: Like Lewis and Clark, UNH students canoe on the Missouri River and celebrate reaching the Pacific Ocean.
Space Odyssey: For the frst time since 1882, Venus orbits between the Earth and the Sun.
Cellular Detectives: Students study samples of wood from coffins unearthed in an 18th-century burial site.
Moses Without the Myths: Kate Clifford Larsen '03 tracks down the real Harriet Tubman.
Look Mom, I can Journal!: UNH's Granite Ladders program helps underprivileged children climb to higher levels of reading fluency.
The Longest RaceDespite serious injury UNH track star Craig Lange '04 completes a decathlon in almost record time.

Spring 2004:

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (and cook): UNH Food Services offers a blend of academic and hands-on experience.
UNH Museum Makes a Wish: Museum attempts to add souvenir 1941 UNH Winter Carnival poster to collection.
Debut of a New unh.edu: University website undergoes a comprehensive redesign.
Going Down in Smoke: R/V Atlantis learns more about the ocean floor.
Greeks Bearing Gifts: Kappa Delta sponsors Greek God Contest.
Dollars and Sense: WSBE team analyzes companies' ability to compete on a national level.
If These White Walls Could Talk: Project 54 provides network of voice activated commands in police cruisers.
Power Pointing: UNH Fencing team competes at varsity level.
Neutralizing Nachi-B: CIS helps eliminate campus-wide computer virus.

Winter 2004:

Battle Lessons for Corporate Generals: Senior maagers learn Lessons in decision making.
All Together Now: Themed living communities for students on the rise
Families that Boat Together, Float Together: Ray Belles hosts the third annual family boat-building workshop.
Mind Games: Gymnastics coach Gail Goodspeed talks about the importance of mental and physical preparation.
Dial "O" for Obliging: A look at the history of telephone operators in New Hampshire.
Hooked on Books 'n Beans: Book Eaters bring an enthusiasm for books and a liking for Jelly Beans.

Fall 2003:

Seaworthy: New Hampshire Sea Grant program recognized for its effectiveness
High Board Scores
A Centerpiece for Kingsbury Hall
Orienteering Express
Master Planners
Arsenic and First Place
A Weighty Gift: Jerry Azumah '99 donates $100,000 for weight room
Citations: Awards, fellowships, scholars

Spring 2003:

Hockey's Turbofans
A Love Story in Clay: Celebrating the art and teaching of Ed and Mary Scheier
Cup of Comfort
Purity Patrol
Dr. Schuss
Good Bye to a Friend: Michael Kelly '79 dies in Iraq
Focus on Franchising
Good Morning, Boss, uh, Mom
Citations: Awards, fellowships, scholars

Winter 2003:

On a Greenland Glacier
A Leader for a New Century
Wildcat Women Just Get Better
Having Fun, Doing Good
Instant Theater: There's no script, a volunteer cast, and two days to prepare
Learning the Odds
Focus on Franchising
A "Best Value" in Education
Welcome to the Book Club

Fall 2002:

Remembering Sept. 11
Visit from a Floating Lab
Reach for the Stars: Rich Linnehan '80 speaks at graduation
Fuel for the Future: Cog railway switches to bio oil
Old Fashions are Back in Style
Papa Alpaca
Back on Track: New track-and-field facility
Welcome to the Hall of Fame
Passing the Puck: New women's ice hockey coach
Citations: Awards, fellowships, scholars

Spring 2002:

UNH Gets a New Leader: Ann Weaver Hart will be the next UNH president
Rooms and Meals: New residence hall opens
Great Expectations: Wildcats at the Frozen Four
Home Port Advantage: New vessel underway
Friend of the Family: A gift from Marcy Carsey '66 creates an institute that brings together nine centers
Music of the Monks: Student finds 15th century chant book
What's That You're Reading?
Citations: Awards, fellowships, scholars

Winter 2002:

A $10 Million Investment in the Future
Memories Are Made of This: Wildcats host hockey championship
In Memoriam: The UNH community mourns four alumni who died on September 11
Welcome, Mr. President: George W. Bush visits UNH
What's That You're Reading?
Citations: Awards, fellowships, scholars
The Buck Stops Here; Ticket to Ride; Food for Thought; Older and Wiser

Fall 2001:

President to Retire: at the helm since 1996
That's Life: UNH's new center devoted to genome studies
Love What You Do: Class of 2001 is outward bound
Rare Tales: Kelmscott Chaucer donated to library
What's That You're Reading?: New feature reveals what's on the nightstand
Sittin' on a Dock of the Bay: Marine programs finally get a facility to match
State Boosts Support: Campus building renovation plan okayed
Citations: Awards, fellowships, scholars
Signs of the Times: new traffic light in Durham

Spring 2001:

Kindred Spirits: Devine Hall's extended and diverse family
Barely a Wake: On the Oyster River at dawn
Pedal Power: Bikes become shareware
Pettee Makes a Comeback: A venerable hall is restored
A Joyful Noise: UNH Symphony Orchestra goes on tour
Maps of the Past: Topo maps online
Play On: Student wins a national play competition
Citations: Awards, fellowships, scholars
Help is at Hand: Advice for gardeners is a phone call away
Show Time: An art gallery displays furniture designed by students
Wildcats Phone Home: Students staffing phonathons get a kick out of talking to alums

Winter 2001:

Local Heroes: UNH students put in 56,322 volunteer hours
A Gift for Tomorrow's Technology Leaders: $7 million gift creates Hamel Center
Progress is a Pile of Dirt: Groundbreaking for a new track
All Lobsters All the Time: Underwater video shows lobsters really do in lobster traps
Excelsior!: People with disabilities reach the summit
Going Up: Environmental Technology Building is the newest building on campus
A New Contract: Faculty and USNH reach agreement
Citations: Awards, fellowships, scholars
Start-up Interns: Students learn how entrepreneurs work

Fall 2000:

Making Waves: Student Kristen Zeimetz was made to swim
A Great Boost from Tyco: $5 million gift establishes two scholarship endowments
Cool Heads, Hot Hearts: David Gergen addresses '00 graduates
Biol 605, Chem 547 and Pageants 425: Lauren Meehan '01 competes for Miss America
Shakespeare in Korea: Mask and Dagger goes on the road
Citations: New dean, awards, Fulbright
Teach the Children: Senior develops curriculum
Possible Worlds: Doug Prince's photos push reality
New Cat in Town: UNH Athletics gets a new look
A New Outlook in New Hampshire: NHPTV's new show

Spring 2000:

Moon Ride: UNH students compete at NASA
Playing with Art: Artist Art Ganson '78 creates moving sculptures
Life in the Big Leagues: Jason Krog '99 and Jerry Azumah '99 go pro
A Campaign Milestone: The capital campaign reaches the halfway mark
Double Take: Professors and twin brothers Dean and David Kopsell
Citations: new chancellor, deans, athletics director, awards
Research on a Roll: It was a good year
Weather Window: Check the weather in Durham
Ninja Mutant Chickens: A UNH "study" is debunked
Carlton Fisk '69 Hits a Homer: Former UNHer inducted into Hall of Fame
Winter 2000:
Our Tree's Bigger than Your Tree: UNH's trees are champions
Literary Sleuthing: UNH professor Jeffrey Bolster ferrets out plagiarist
A Basketball Odyssey: Senior Orsi Farkas brings skills and spirit to women's basketball
Up, Up and Away: UNH kicks off $100 million fund-raising campaign.
A Chemical Landmark: Conant Hall is a National Historic Chemical Landmark
It's About Time: Time magazine offers opportunity to UNH students
Underwater Ed: Research Diving Techniques class is among the most popular courses on campus
Extra Credit
Fall 1999:
Pity Not Necessary: Phil Rowe takes over men's basketball
Reasons for Optimism: Vice President Al Gore delivers the commencement address
Finicky Bugs: Riffle beetles help scientists test for pollution.
Ready for Prime Time: Mike O'Malley '88 launches his own show.
UNH Advocates Into the Breach: Lobbying efforts by hundreds of alumni and University supporters.
Poetic Gifts for the Soul: UNH and Charles Simic celebrate National Poetry Month
Spring 1999:
New Ways to Kick Back: Alternative weekend nightlife.
Welcome to Krog Pond: Magical moments in UNH men's hockey history.
A Scholar Goes to the Movies: Walter Eggers reviews "Shakespeare in Love"
Hot Seasons: Women's athletic teams are doing well.
Bless You, Sun: When the Sun sneezes, UNH scientists don't say "gesundheit." They take its temperature.
Dear Mom & Dad: Great Food, Too: Anne Majewski '98 interns at The Balsams
Masterful Gardening: Cooperative Extension's Master Gardener Program
Extra Credit
Winter 1999:
He's History: Players like Jerry Azumah '99 only come around once.
Angels Rising: Investors come bearing gifts for promising startups
Life on Mars: Nisha Bhatia '99 knows what it might be like on the red planet
Rekindling College Spirit?: Introducing the UNH Sixx.
Real World: MTCV cast talks to students about unexpected topics
Science With Your Tea?: Tea parties are a new tradition at CEPS
Extra Credit

Coming soon: Fall 1998

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